Direct Energy Essential Services – Contract/Billilng

I had a sales person come to my door in the spring of 2009 and was quite rude and being the person that I am I did not kick her out of my home. I felt pressured to sign this contract that she guaranteed would save me money in the long run. Although this has not been the case; I found that my energy/electricity bill sky rocketed and soon could not keep up with the monthly bill.

This caused me to be in arrears every month, never able to pay the full amount. Being this was the first year I had lived in Alberta and not aware of different energy services I signed this contract. Prior to moving to Alberta I had never been late on bills payments, but now due to the high Direct Energy I am forced to only pay a little of each bill I need to pay and never the full amount.

It is getting ridiculous. I recieved a letter in the mail indicated that they were terminating my contract due to being in arrears. I just found out that they haven’t been recieving any payments according to them, but I keep a paper trail and have been making payments and it shows on the bill that they have recieved the payments. I have checked with my bank and they indicate that I have been making payments. So now my bank is doing a bill investigation to where my money has been going if they so accurately claim that I haven’t been doing so. They are trying to say I owe them 1200.00 when I have billls staying I only owe 93.00. I don’t know where the pulled these other numbers from, but I have talked to several people and they do not know what these charges are for. Direct Energy is bad.

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One thought on “Direct Energy Essential Services – Contract/Billilng

  1. They are back going around trying to get people to sign the same contract. Now they are telling people they'd better do it because all the uproar in Libya and the earthquake in Japan is going to make prices skyrocket. I fell for it before (back in 2008) not again.

    when they came to my door I told them to get off my property or I would have them arrested for trespassing. I too got screwed over and had my credit ruined because of them.

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