Door to door scam

I got scammed by a door to door tactic! agent, barely spoke English and didn’t even mention which company he worked for, came in the house telling us that we might be able to get an upgrade for our water tank so my husband let him in. they came back upstairs maybe after a couple minutes later requesting to see our utility bill and told us we were paying to much and that we will be saving by going with them and that we will be receiving 10% rebate only if we sign up with them. if didn’t event want to sit down and was rushing us to sign the papers and we were in the middle of our dinner with our kids and wanted to get rid of him so foolish us we signed!! 10 days later another agent calls me back while I was out during the weekend to reaffirm the agreement and the call was not clear I mentioned to the agent I was out and did not have the contract or anything to write down whatever info he was giving me and wanting to get over with the call I just said yes to watever he was saying but the call got disconnected. I called them back a couple weeks later and they told me they already confirm the agreement and nothing could me done unless paying their $500 cancellation fee for gas but nothing for electricity! after going through the recorded call with manager and arguing with her that the call was not complete she refuse to cancel anything and even hung up on me! I called them back numerously right after and they even ignore my calls and pick up without saying a word and hung up again! And finally the manager herself answers …she answer with “that enough calling!” acknowledging they have been disconnecting my calls! I requested her to have the electricity contract cancelled but she said she will still charge me $500 if I cancel the gas! I asked her then to give me and idea of how much of jump will it be for my new rate and she was no help…she said she had no idea. I asked her then who should I ask to find out and she was rude and said well I dunno for you to find out. I am not only fustrated that they will charge me double what I pay now but that they are not willing to give me any information regarding the company and they rate or policy. I asked her about cancellation fee and term and she answer rudely well refer to your booklet!!! Even she did not know anything about their policy and terms! They are a company that is unwilling to help their customer that is in this case even worse that double charging them! by the way we are first time homeowner since July 2010 and are just learning how owning a home works and barely understood our utility bills before and now are caught in this disgusting scam…

what can I do to get out of this…pls help us. I cannot afford paying double what I pay now.

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5 thoughts on “Door to door scam

  1. Ok, I don’t follow your story. At first you talked about Water Heater upgrade, then your gas and electricity?

    So what exactly is it? Water Heater tank or natural gas contract or electricity contract?

    I’m not aware of Active Energy renting or leasing out water heater tanks. Active Energy sells fixed-rate gas and electricity prices, unless they are now doing water heater tanks.

    If you sign a contract before that time, you are stuck with whatever cancellation fee stated in your contract.

    If you sign any gas and electricity contract after Jan 1, 2011. The New Energy Consumer Protection Act, says all cancellation fee in Ontario by an alternative gas and electricity supplier is now drop to $50 per year remaining for electricity and $100 per year for the remaining of natural gas. That’s the cancellation fee after Jan 1, 2011 and you may cancel within the first 30 days after you received your first bill with the new company.

    1. We where told by a active energy manager by the name of Carl McKittrick who talked to us about gas and hydro rate protection plan that there is no cancellation fees…… and that their types of companys can not charge you a cancellation fee….

      What is upsetting us is the company says we sign up for carbon offset and heating maintenance plan, which we do not have a signed contract for…. to cancel these is going to cost us over $400 dollars.

      These types of companys come in to your home and tell you anything. I have never had a rate protection company tell me the truth. It's sad to base your company on hafe truths and blind spots.

  2. hi I have a problem with the gas bill, foolishly i signed the contract believing that i am going to save money on the long run but in fact gas went down to 13 or so cents a cubic meter while i am paying 33c/cm. my questions are, since i only signed the contract with national energy and on my enbridge gas both my wife and i are the bill holders does that make the contract break. if not could you please explain to me if there is another way to get out of my contract, say by moving out of the house and leave the utility bills on my wife s name thank you.

  3. How do I contact OEB, in my case, it has went to my friends Enbridge Account. Theses company piggie back onto Enbridge has beech the criminal code of Canada. Many people have equal billing to off the high demand usage of gas during the winter season. Company such as Active Energy taking away these fund is a form of steeling and as well put Enbridge in violation of the Criminal code of Canada. If a company is not able to bill for themself; they should not be in business.

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