Door to door scam

I answered a knock on my door at my residence today and two young men, around early 20’s, were there. They started their speal about Just Energy and that they were representatives of said company. The first red flag for me was that the both of them had the distinctive smell of alcohol on their breaths. I was alarmed when I asked the young man if he could provide me a number of a supervisor or someone I could contact to verify what they were saying to me. Unfortunately they could not provide me anything except for the “agreement” the guy had already started filling in without answering my questions. When they asked for my banking information was when I decided to say no thank you and I proceeded to call the police. It was confirmed by them that they did have a ‘meeting’ at the local bar on the corner of my street and also verified by a local pizza business that has a view of the bar, that they had been in there for a couple of hours I needed to look into this further for verification. The young man wrote his name down as Ljubomir R and his IC number 260421. When I asked for the number of someone I could contact he proceeded to tell me that there wasn’t a number to call and gave me his personal number (289)253-9337. If this is a valid independent contractor then I am very disappointed in his approach and his lack of information, also the smell of booze on his breath was unbelievably unprofessional and I would like to assume that he will be reprimanded accordingly. Thank you very much.

Chacity Alain

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  1. You can always file a complaint to The Ontario Energy Board. They will review your case and contact you through your email.

    Thank you for your comment.

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