Harrassment for not fulfilling contract when contract should not be in effect

Just Energy, formerly Ontario Savings Energy, has forwarded an outstanding bill to a collection agency on my behalf stating that I did not fulfill the contract between myself and them. At the time the sales representative came to my house, I was preparing to go to the war in Afghanistan and told them that I did not have time for sales pitches.

The girl told me that I could sign on to have my hydro rates locked in at lower prices than what my provider was currently charging. She also said that I could sign up for the program, take the paperwork, and read through it, and there would still be no obligation to stay with their company. The reason for this was that the company would send me a rebate cheque for signing with them but that unless I cashed the cheque, the entire process would be nul and void. I decided that I was not interested in the program and that I would just remain with my current provider so I did not cash that cheque. I left for my deployment overseas before I received another bill for my hydro.

While I was on deployment, I just paid my bill over the internet. Whether Ontario Energy Savings fraudulently accessed my hydro account was the last of my concerns. Now as part of the military lifestyle, I have been transferred to another location and because I have not notified Just Energy, they are threatening to send my name to a collection agency because I am not fulfilling a contract, a contract that is not legal in the first place, they have even had the nerve to ry and use my connection to the military to guilt me into paying these charges that are legitimate to begin with. Just as a side note as to my payment history, I have been with Ontario Hydro for close to 14 years and when I moved, they forwarded me a letter of reference for my new Energy supplier.

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