Cheating Consumer by misleading

Just Energy is cheating people,beware yourself,they will come to your house/store stating that “they are just checking that all businesses on the street are registered Electricity Price Protection” and information sent with your recent hydro bill regarding Smart Meter rate increases,then they will ask to get your bill.After checking your bill they will say that you doesn’t qualify,& tell you to sign paper to qualify. That paper is actually a Contract paper,if you sign without reading then you are stuck.I came to know inside story after i have attended their 2 day sales training then i realised that it is cheating so I backed off.Why Ontario Energy Board is not taking any action for misleading people? My request to everybody that if this people come,please read paper then only sign if u feel it is o.k.

Location: Ontario, Canada

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2 thoughts on “Cheating Consumer by misleading

  1. I was signned up with them and I didn't even sign a contract. I remember the day that they stopped by because they got really upset with me and I told them to get the #$%^ off my property. I only found out today that they had signned me up when they called to get me to resign. My MP is going to look into whether they actually have a signned contract(which they don't) if they don't then I'm going to sue them for the extra that I payed. I'll let you know how it works out in the next week.

    1. Hey good luck with the lawsuit.

      They also need to call you to reaffirm the contract within the first 10 days. If they don't have that copy of you reaffirming over the phone and the sign contract by the homeowner, there is no contract. They need both to have it legal binding.

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