Just Energy Collection Notice

I have received a collection notice from a Bond Street Collections Inc., on behalf of Just Energy for the sum of $279.54. I have no knowledge of this company after looking it up on BBB website found this is just a scam. They have addressed it to Henderson/Wright Henderson-which is my elderly mother who has passed away and to me Wright. I have no knowledge when myself and her executor to her estate went over her bills never found any paper work of any kind for JUST ENERGY and I certainly did not accept any service from this company. For this reason I am filing a complaint.

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One thought on “Just Energy Collection Notice

  1. The reason you may not have found any paper work for Just energy is because you wouldnt, not directly anyways, they are not themselves a company that interacts directly with the consumer rather when you sign up with a company that provides Hydro, gas etc they are the company that is the supplier of that gas, look for a hydro bill from your provider Hydro Quebec, Hydro One etc, they will be listed as the supplier. Even when you move and you tell the company you pay your bill tom what you may not know is that you also have to notify Just Energy, adn to them you have skipped out on your contract, usually five years and they are collecting a cancellation fee

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