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My husband was scammed into signing a 5-yr contract at the door before is was common knowledge not to do so. I married him shortly thereafter and took over paying the bills. I didn’t notice that our provider was Just Energy as it is in the fine print and gets lost on the Union Gas and Brantford Power bill. There are two of us living in a modest house and both hydro and gas have been approx $3-400 per month EACH.

I assumed the bills were high because we were told that hydro and gas were going to rise and also we have a pool. I have always told my husband that if something happened to him I would have to move because I would never be able to afford the monthly bills on my own. We recently discovered my husband’s error when Just Energy phoned to renew their contract… then we realized why our bills were sooooo high. Did we ever get ripped off. I phoned Brantford Power and found out the rates we would have been paying had we not signed with Just Energy and they were almost half the price.

I can understand variations in pricing but for the variations to be this high… there is another word for it and it is called STEALING. We paid over $400 to get out of the contracts and figure we will get that money back in the first two months. Regardless of what the contract says… they promise lower rates verbally at the door and they use people that don’t speak very fluent English… is this on purpose? They also scammed my elderly mother into signing a contract… she thought they were Union Gas coming to her door… they were not. Live and learn!

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One thought on “Just Energy High Price

  1. These people came to your home, lied and mislead you about lower rates. Then you paid them when you cancel? Really? You’re soooo nice.

    I would complain to the government regulator at The Ontario Energy Board and ask for reimbursement.

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