Just Energy Natural Gas Gouging

We received a rebate cheque at the end of our contract with just energy, and after depositing the cheque we found out that cashing it meant you were enrolled for another 5 yr contract so as a result of this we are paying 38.9 cents for our natural gas when it would be about 15 cents on the open market. it is hard enough to compete in the restaurant industry in canada, and trying to pay a gas bill that is so inflated is very difficult, i have tried everything that i can to get this policy cancelled but unless i pay about 3000 dollars that i dont have i am stuck paying these prices. if there is anything that i can do to get out of this mess please help me and the survival of my business. my last gas bill for december was 1107 dollars just for gas not including any of the other fees or taxes just the gas.
thanks for your time

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