Just Energy pushy door to door representative

At about 4:15 pm on February 24th 2011 a young woman came to my door. After ringing the doorbell she soon pounded on the door. As an elderly woman I take some time to get off the phone and go to the door. She complained that I didn’t answer quickly. I looked at the “Just Energy” logo on her jack and told her I was not interested in any door to door energy agents.

The girl argued that she was representing the government to make sure I was certified as pollution free. A non-specific exchange of semantics on pollution followed in which she insisted that I didn’t have a green home or I would have solar panels and a windmill.

I told her I am a member of SHARE that is a renewable energy support group in Mindland and that I am going to the monthly meeting tonight. She didn’t respond to this. In a similar vane she ordered me to get my gas bill to show a certification on it. I only use electricity but didin’t get a chance to tell her that because she was so pushing I just locked the door and went back to my own activities. I had to signal her through the window to go away. I had a similar approach by a young man last month so am familiar with the patter. I followed up by check ing the Internet on the company name that brought me to your complaint page.

Thanks for being there. Myrtle

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