My fiancée recently quit his job to move to Boston because he saw the many opportunities that Boston had to offer. We applied to so many jobs over the past few months and still weren’t getting anything. Until we started to look into the help wanted ads and employment guides/employment source. And for those who check out the newspaper you see the signs on the back saying “$18/hr avg rate immediate start!! No experience required we will train you call 1-866-339-7657”.

So as you know us as human beings see an easy way to make money because some of us are feeling the pain and stress of the economy. So he called and got an interview and was immediately hired. He goes to the orientation and they tell him that it’s a commission job and that you will get $60 per person you sign up and that you will be making close to $800 and $1000 a week.

That’s when he realized that the company was false advertising. But we all know when someone mentions you will be making ridiculous amounts of money you say OK let me stick it out and see, especially when you have bills to pay. And so he did and they made everything sound easy peasy, and that the hours are different, but then he found himself working 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm. Guess what’s next out of all the hours and door slamming in face work, he only made 4 deals, 2 pending and 1 was canceled and one was denied, he expected to get $120 and mind you they don’t take out taxes.

So he gets another job and quits the one he has and his check finally came 2-3 weeks later and all he got $39 for the first check and $12 for the second… Now can I say rip off and there fucking excuse was….nothing they had no real reason. They made up shit about how people was complaining, mind you the person who signs up gets a verifying phone call from a live representative repeating everything so the customer is clear and still wants to stay with JUST ENERGY.

Before I end this I am not only complaining of how unfair my fiancée was treated but for the many other customers who got ripped off as well. I recently newly researched the company unknown to my fiancée and they are being investigated by the better business bureau. I am not only embarrassed but I feel horrible that my husband was even involved with that scam company. Before you judge find out info on the company, Google: JUST ENERGY SCAM….Then you judge for yourself, was my fiancée ripped off or not?

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