National Home Services Misrepresentation re: Water Heater rental & protection plan

Saturday, March 19, 2011 a representative named Nikita Evshtat from Nation Home Services arrived at my door wearing identification representing himself as an energy star company. He proceeded to ensure us that Enbridge had contracted National Home Services for their hotwater replacement/insurance and were offering free replacement of our 8 year old gas water heater free followed by a monthly charge of $18.95 after two months free rental.

We were led to believe that this is a current gov’t program to encourage energy efficiency. The appointment to replace the gas water heater was scheduled to Tuesday March 22, 2011. Prior to installation we were informed by National Home Services installers we required a chimney liner for an additional charge of $500. or another monthly charge of approximately $5.

We asked them to cancel our order immediately. I spoke with Enbridge today to confirm the cancellation and asked that any billing from National Home Services not be applied to our Enbridge account. I called National Home Services March 22, 2011 in the am and they agreed to cancel any and all orders perceived with their company. I have never been duped before by door sales people and warn everyone, NEVER open your door to a sales person.

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