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Pros And Cons Of Oil

By: Electricity Companies | posted in Compare gas and electricity prices, Reviews |
Posted on: May 15, 2010

Pros and cons of oil

Oil is a type of fossil fuel created naturally and are deposited underneath the earth’s surface. Oil are use to generate energy through a process call combustion which generate heat. All fossil fuels are non-renewable, which mean oil will run out.

Ever since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, Energy from fossil fuels such as oil had been one of the main sources of energy. Oil is widely available, generating energy with oil require direct combustion and the problem is the byproducts of the combustion of oil have a negative impact on the environment.

Pros And Cons Of Oil

Oil Pros

Here is a list of the advantage of oil

Oil Cons

Here is a list of the disadvantage of oil

No other energy source can move vehicles with greater speed at longer distances than oil.

Create jobs for the local economy.

Use in cars, convert into electricity, plastics, wax, sulfur, asphalt.

Oil is non-renewable, which mean it will eventually run out.

Burning oil pollute the environment by releasing CO2 and other toxic.

Burning oil releases green house gases, which contribute to global warming.

Oil companies need to build big oil rigs to extract oil offshore and inshore.

Oil leaks may occur which result in environmental disaster by killing wild life, disturbing the biodiversity of that area and it take years for cleanup.

Extracting oil from sand takes a lot of water.

Drilling for oil is unpredictable; it takes a lot of time to search for oil.

It is expensive and dangerous to transport oil.

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By: Electricity Companies

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