Rebecca MacDonald and Just Energy

Rebecca MacDonald

Rebecca MacDonald is the executive chair of Energy Savings Income Fund and Just Energy.

On June 2010, Rebecca MacDonald was asked by a magazine: “Do you think there is benefit in teaching ethics in a degree program?”

Rebecca MacDonald response:
“Absolutely there is a benefit; however, for me business and ethics should go hand in hand. Businesses are not that complex, either you have a product that people will buy or you don’t. I am actually not a big supporter of all these courses on corporate governance I’ve seen emerge over the last 10 years since Enron’s demise. If you have to teach a CEO how to be honest then it is time to remove that CEO and replace him with an honest individual. What happened was that people just got too greedy, too creative, and too dishonest; and they got away with it a little bit at a time.” Read the interview here: A Journal For Entrepreneurs and Managers

On that same month A Utica resident Victoria Weber wrote to Public Eye recently with a complaint about the service she allegedly received after switching to Ontario-based gas and electricity provider Just Energy because of a door-to-door sales pitch. The switch, she said, increased her gas and electricity bills to more than $500 per month. Read more at Customer: Savings lacking from gas and electricity provider

Then on August, 2010, CBC News in Ottawa published an article, about water-heater sales tactics anger homeowners. This water-heater company is called National Home Services, which is a subsidiary company of Just Energy using door-to-door sales to signup customers. Read the full article by CBC here, “Water-heater sales tactics anger homeowners”.

After that, on August 2010, a local news report about some Utica residents fear “deceitful” Just Energy sales people. Marcel Kitissou says two “Just Energy” salespeople knocked on his Ballantyne Brae home and talked with him and his wife for about 20 minutes. Kitissou says the sales people told him they were from National Grid and they wanted to see his monthly electric bill. Read the full news article here by News Channel 2 WKTV Utica, Some Utica residents fear “deceitful” Just Energy sales people.

And on and on….