Another Visit from National Home Services

We”ll stop writing about experience with these door-to-door companies when they start following these rules:

  • Requires all sales solicitations to clearly disclose the prices, terms and conditions of all products and services
  • Prohibits suppliers from misrepresenting their affiliation with a gas utility, governmental body or consumer group
  • Provides consumers with a right to cancel within 10 – 60 days without any fees
  • Limits early termination fees to $50 and requires any agreement containing an early termination clause to disclose the total cancellation fee

If National Home Services want people to use greener appliances like their hot water tank, stop coming to our home. If we need something, we will call you.

First, Second and Third Visits

The first time they came, they got us sign without telling us about their long term contract and all the string attach with their “Energy Star Rated” hot water heater. Once we found out about the long term contract and other string attached, we canceled the installation.

The second and third visit, we told them the homeowner doesn’t live here.

National Home Services Fourth Visit

About a week after the third visits someone from Universal Energy came knocking and let him in because he said, “I’m not here to sell you anything…”, knowing that Universal Energy was the same company as National Home Services.

We went down stairs with The Universal Energy person and to keep the story short. He showed a print-out supposedly from the Government, according to him it was a mandate to replace the venting pipes on the water heater. Then the Universal Energy sale person said he’ll book an appointment to have someone over to replace the venting pipe and the water heater.

Not selling anything? I turn off the light and lead him to the door.

National Home Services Fifth Visit

This fifth visit was all within 8 months. That’s almost one visit every month and a half. How annoying is that?

The fifth visit was yesterday. I was upstairs and didn’t hear the door bell. My aunt opened the door and let him in. I heard them talking in the hall wall downstairs so I went down to see who it was and there he was. My beloved company of the whole world.

The sale man was smiling as he opened our furnace door revealing our water heater. When I looked at his face, he looked like he hit jackpot as he smiled. He tried to be friendly with my aunt, giggling and smiling. It was SO WEIRD and creepy! Here was a man we just meet for the first time in our life just one minute ago and now he was acting like our best friends.

Here is what I recall, when he saw our water heater he started laughing and the sale man said, “You guys have the old one.”

I said, “It is 7 years old about 50% of its life span.”

National Home Services salesman, “I’ll have someone install you the new star rated water heater for FREE, with 2 first month FREE. New venting pipe FREE. You will save $10 per months because of the star rated water heater.”

I said, “We don’t need it, there is nothing wrong with our water heater.”

National Home Services salesman, “You’ll need a new venting pipe (the black plastic pipe at the top of our water heater), we install it for FREE, call your current provider they will charge you $400 for a replacement.”

I said, “I don’t want a new venting pipe, why should I call? There is nothing wrong with what we already have.”

National Home Services salesman, “If you move you will have to pay for it.”

I said, “What? Why? We don’t need it. We don’t want it. We’re happy with what we have. What about your contract, how much we have to pay if we break the contract or move and the new home owner doesn’t want to carry the contract over?”

National Home Services salesman, “….If you buy a new home why would you not want a water heater?”

I asked him again, “How much for the canceling fee if the new home owner doesn’t want to carry it over?”

National Home Services salesman, “I think it’s $400…”

He thinks it is $400 dollars? Doesn’t he knows what he is selling? He’s not even sure about his own contract and these Energy companies are telling us, the consumers to ask questions if we don’t understand, but when I asked a simple question their own agent doesn’t seem to know the answer.

So I said, “Most people might not care, but I would never sign over a water heater contract if I buy a new home.”

National Home Services salesman look at my aunt then pause for a sec and asked, “…who is this guy?”

My aunt didn’t say anything.

I was thinking to myself I’m the freaking home owner now get the F*** out of my house. Instead of saying that, I shut the furnace door and turn off the lights.

While I turn off the basement lights and walk him to my front door he was still mentioning the Free installation, Free 2 months, but I wanted to know more about the contract and all the strings attach. He never mention anything about the contract, he would just keep on talking about how great his tank was. The more he talked the more my blood pressure increased.

First, how does he know we’ll save $10 per month? In addition, it is not 2 months Free and it is not Free installation.

Even if this was a good deal, I would never ever support a company because of their past history. Read about Universal Energy here.

There are some companies that I don’t like, there are many companies I like, and there are companies I hate. The companies I hate the most has to go to the door-to-door energy sale companies. I can’t stand them.

Here are my reasons why I would never buy from National Home Services

  1. My tank was 7 years old. 50% of its life span. The agent lied to me saying it was out dated, might blow up, contain dirty water and need to replace my pipes. When there is nothing wrong with my tank.
  2. I don’t like long-term contracts and I don’t like people misleading me to sign something.
  3. I don’t like people dressing up pretending to be my friend or pretending to work for the Government, or pretending to work for my current provider so they can come inside my home to check for my water heater and then try to get me sign something I don’t need or want.
  4. I understand the tank is “Energy Star Rated”, which is great but don’t send me your energy sale people to my home trying to get my signature without mentioning your contract. There are other ways to sell products without deceptions and using fear tactics.
  5. There is nothing wrong with my tank. Nothing!
  6. National home Services is the same company as Universal Energy and Just Energy. Read and watch this hidden camera by CBS on Universal Energy and read about Just Energy here. After you watch the video and read about them, ask yourself if you would still support these companies with their allegations of deceptive sale practice?

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30 thoughts on “Another Visit from National Home Services

  1. Yes…I agree…

    We just got visited by a National Home Services guy who told us exactly the same thing without knowing anything about the product he was selling…He (and the call back person!) both told us that the Navien was made in Canada! Wrong…South Korea….

    What? Does don't these guys think people check the internet for this type of stuff…and more!!?

    We told him while we did want a tankless hot-water heater (have ever since we lived in Europe 10 years ago!), that we did not want to rent one….He said fine….We would get 2 months free plus free installation and then we could 'buy it outright'….Wrong! The call back person (because I wouldn't sign on the spot for something I didn't get much info on…who would!!), said he was wrong on this…In fact, we would have to pay for one year's rent ($600+ plus the 2 free months) before we could buy the unit!

    Case closed….Not interested…Real scam…Stay away!

    But the Navien is an interesting product and we will certainly consider it over the coming year as we check into tankless hot water heaters again!

  2. I work at a Direct Energy call centre and you have absolutely no idea how many times a day I deal with people calling in about these competitors. It is absolutely heartbreaking hearing time and time again about people getting scammed into these other companies. They show up at their door promising an energy star certified water heater. Truth of the matter is while the water heater may not me energy star certified that is in their house direct energy only started getting the certification done last year so their water heater is actually the exact same manufactured water heater the competitor would be putting in. You lose minimal efficiency in the first ten years. You'd be saving maybe a few dollars on your gas bill if that.

    Not only that the claims of helping the environment are atrocious. I have seen competitors haul our 2 year old water heaters and bring them back to us. We don't install used water heaters so they get thrown into the garbage. A water heater that could have a life of 15-20 years is then in a waterheater graveyard. You think that's saving the environment?

    As for the black piping the TSSA changed the regulations for NEW installs only. If it is in your existing house it doesn't have to be changed. You don't have to change it if you move, only if you put in a new water heater. They use that as a scare tactic.

    Unfortunately there is an ongoing lawsuit between Direct Energy and National Home Services so we're actually not allowed to legally say ANYTHING negative about them. We're not even allowed to say "this happens all the time". We lose so many customers to long term contracts.

    Also we started this new thing called a return authorization number where the customer themself now has to call in to get a number so the other comapny can drop off their water heater to us. We don't have long term contracts and we're not goign to instate them but this is how we're trying to make people more aware that they're changing companies. In the last week I have had this same asian woman on the same street 4 times and my colleages have gotten her as well claiming to a variety of people. Male names female names and none of them are the least bit asian and she is the same one every time. She is not the only agent pretending to be the person. They are committing straight out fraud.

    Also the agents from competitor companies call in and tell the person to just ask for a number. I think ask why they are switching companies and the customer has absolutely no clue that they are switching companies. By then their Direct Energy water heater is already ripped out. We've also had sales agents from other companies get on the phone and yell at us for blowing their cover.

    The whole racket is ridiculous.

    1. Your company Direct Energy is not as innocent either. Look up Direct Energy at BBB, they have well over 400+ complaints and a lot of other forums and websites had written negatively about your company DE.

      The best way to save money is to buy your own water heater. Unless you can't afford $1000 dollars out the pocket, then rent it.

      And if you want to save energy or save the world, get a tankless water heater, or get a solar water heater. Most of China been using solar water heater for many years but it is hard to find one here.

      The problem I have is not the pricing. It is the misleading sale tactics and fear tactics.

    2. Ya I work for one ot the other nine hot water heater providers in Ontario and I see alot of gas bills everyday You want to know what's really heartbreaking and atrocious? I'll tell you it's funny how the home owner is aware whenever they have signed up for fixed rate energy contracts with one of the many providers, but in most cases have no idea when I make them aware that they are paying huge amounts because they are on contract with DE. My point is DE employee you should be the last people making acusations of scams your are notorious for preying on the publics trust and ignorance to your company simply because they are so used to seeing you on thier gas bill most people think you're endbridge for god sakes So please blow smoke up someone else's a…… !

      1. Here in Wondsor, we dont ride the gas bill… we dont even ask to see it, and your right. How does it feel to know your company takes thousands from old ladies, single parents, familys, every year. You gas marketers make me sick

    3. I happen to work for National home services and I plan on doing a bit of clarification on all of these statements. Were not a racket,were not out to scam you. We are hard working Canadian citizens trying to make a living. Were all young students, parents, supporting members of households, everyday normal people doing our job.

      As for not knowing our product, Those of us that have had enough training, we know that product inside and out. Newer agents cant answere all those questions, because they dont know it yet.We know alot of information that takes time to learn and implement. Did you know all the nuances when you all started jobs? NO! You have to learn same as we do.

      YES! It is a long-term contract, so is RELIANCE! our main competitor in my area. YES! There are cencellation fees for ripping out our tank prematurely. There are cancellation fees for breaking EVERY contract early. What happens when you pay off your mortgage early? YOU PAY FEES! You R.S.P.s are the sameway, you spend that money early you pay fees. Marriage is another example. Thats not an unknown fact.

      I realise that the Energy Star tanks have only been available since January 2009, and an experienced agent tells you this, but competators wont take the tank out untill you call and say its broken. I have knowlege and personal experience that RELIANCE wont change your old tank out for an ENERGY STAR tank free of charge because "your old tank is energy efficient" DIRECT ENERGY says the same thing.

      You say the printout is "supposedly government mandated" LOOK IT UP! ENERGY STAR IS RATED BY THE GOVERNMENT! THE GUARUNTEE IS FROM THEM THAT YOULL SEE SAVINGS NOT US!!!

      The PVC PIPING upgrade is because building code changed as of 2007. Building code was changed because ABS piping (Black) has a tendancy to crack and leak carbon monoxide into the homes, resulting in headaches and nausia when running the hot water.

      The "claim" on dirty water is also true. Think about it from a basic standpoint. Your tank is metal lined inside and out. You can usually see lime deposite on the copper piping. Why? because metal corrodes it. the same thing happens to your metal tank. It corrodes and breaks down and where is all that sediment going? To the bottom of your tank! Your pilot light is at the bottom of your tank, MEANING you burn more gas to heat your water as your metal tank ages because you have to heat the sediment as well as the water.Its basic people, SIMPLE SCIENCE! WATER ERODES METAL!

      Your tank is seven Years old? YOUR TANK IS OUTDATED! Yes your piping is out of date. Are you required to change it with the tank you have? NO! But to install a new tank, whether now with National, or when it breaks with Reliance or DE, you WILL need to be brought up to building code. Same with the Chimney Liners for those of you with CV units.

      Think about it. Your car is 7 years old, is it as fuel efficient as the new fusion hybrid? NO!!!! Does the government force you to cahnge to the fusion though? NO! Its optional, so is the EnergyStar program. Try reading some of the info we leave you when you sign.

      As for the tanks that are taken out, We return the tanks to the current supplier, Be it Reliance or DE. It gets sent to the warehouse (Reliance is 3 warehouses over). Reliance puts the newer tanks in peoples homes for replacement. The owned tanks are recycled to make the new tanks.

      We are a green company, for every 5,000 people in our E-Billing program we reduce over 3,000 lbs of our carbon footprint per annum. We are also only installing Energy Star products, which also reduce the carbon footprint.

      You use less gas, whether you save $4 or $12 per month, your still saving money, and the environment. How many people went hybrid with their cars in order to save money on gas, as well as helping the environment by reducing emmissions… Our city busses did the same thing.

      As for people getting the Reliance call, THEY ARE OUR MAIN COMPETATOR! Does pepsi tell you not to drink coke? What happens when Rogers calls a Bell customer and offers a better deal? You switch companies! We are a Canadian company, try to give people an Energy Star tank, for the SAME PRICE (We pricematch Reliances prices), two months rent free, a $50 mastercard, we cover the cancellation fee, the tank removal and return, offer preventative maintenance (whens the last time someone came to bring your tank back to manufacturers standards?). WERE JUST THE CANADIAN COMPETATOR WITH WITH A BETTER PROGRAM, BRINGING MONEY BACK FROM AN AMERICAN HEDGE-FUND!

      1. "Think about it. Your car is 7 years old, is it as fuel efficient as the new fusion hybrid? NO!!!! Does the government force you to cahnge to the fusion though? NO! Its optional, so is the EnergyStar program. Try reading some of the info we leave you when you sign."

        NO, YOU think about it! Here's another thing.

        You talk about a 7 years old car not being fuel efficient with today's cars. Thats fair enough. But do you see any car dealers knocking on your door during dinner time and tells you that your 2003 Honda is not fuel efficient and you need a new one?

        Also, does the car dealers try to get people to sign a brand new car at their door steps with a more fuel efficient car without telling the buyer its a 10-15 years lease? NO.

        It's all about being inform, if I want to keep my 7 years old tank or my 7 years old car, thats my problem. I don't need you or anyone popping up at my door pretending to come from my current provider lying to me I needed to replace my water heater when there is nothing wrong with it.

      2. If water heaters are so horribly outdated after only 7 years, why are you trying to scam people into signing contracts for 15 years for the next one? By that logic, your own heaters will be obsolete halfway through the contract.

        As others have said, it's not even the fact that you're trying to push such a crappy deal onto us. It's that we have to go to the internet to find the truth about what you're offering because your salespeople flat out deceive and pressure homeowners to try to hide what is actually being signed up for.

        Quick, rip out their heaters and put in a new one to lock them in before they get the chance to research what they signed up for…

  3. OK.

    Please don't judge me.

    But they were here a few days ago and I fell for it.

    I'm ashamed to admit it.

    And the 10 day period has passed and they've already done the work.

    The old tank was 13 years old. They said each and every thing that was listed above.

    What do I do?

    Am I screwed completely?


    I feel so sick and stupid. I thought I was smarter than this.

    1. You're gonna be ok buddy. DE is one of the most deceptive misleading companies going maybe you should inquire about how many people they put on fix gas contracts simply with telephone solicitation

      1. I can completely agree, youll be fine. Your supporting a Canadian company, and you were already on a rental anyways Im assuming. You have a new tank, your getting a better quality service, and if you dont want to rent long term, buy the contract out at 5 years when the tank is brought back to peak efficiency, but has depriciated in value due to the rental fees. Keep in mind though, it costs between $200-700 to fix a personally owned tank, and a glass-lined energy star tank is between $800-$1200 to buy and install

  4. Thanks so much to the person who indicated there is a 15 year agreement with National Home Services. I was able to cancel my appointment, even though they came to my door on July 22 and were to install on July 26. I also noticed on the agreement that the fee is $20.70 plus tax. I didn't realize the rate didn't include tax, until the read the contract. I agree that Direct Energy also charges a lot, but at least there is no contract and penalty if I want to buy my own heater.

    Windsor, Ontario

  5. So my story is pretty much along the same lines as the ones alread mentioned. It was on Thursday August 19, 2010 around 2:30pm in the afternoon. I hear my doorbell, so I decide to open the door. BIG MISTAKE!! It was a sales person from National Home Services. Since I didn't do any research he just simply said that he is here today to check my water tank so I let him in. He goes dwon the basement and he writes the facts about my water tank on his paper and he said we need to replace our black pipe to a white pipe because it was government mandated.

    He had me sold in the beginning but when me and my started asking questions about the if there is a contract and about the cancellation fee, he couldn't anser the questions. His answer was it was "His First Day", Are u kidding me? Its your first day and your trying to sell me somthing and you don't anything. Thats pretty sad. All he said was how we save money and our piping would be cleaner and if we signed with National Home Services we will recieve two months free and we will save around $4 to $10 on every bill. He also said that National Home Services will increase the prices only from 0-3.5% in the next ten years whereas other companies have increased it to 10% in three years. Sounds good right? Worng. It gets much better.

    Since the sales person couldn't answer any of my dad's questions, he said we can talk to his supervisor who was close by. So his supervisor shows up with a student and he said that the student was in training. The supervisor didn't help at all. He barely answered any of my dad's questions.

    So finally my dad decided to do something. He said to the supervisor why dont you leave me your contract with me and I will show it to my lawyer and then I will sign it. The supervisor was like I can't do that because what happens if you change something on the contract and then sign it an pull a scam on National Home Services. So the supervisor said no unless my dad signed the contract he would get a copy. So I asked the supervisor if my dad was sing the contract whats the assurance that you won't do the same by changing the contract after you have recieved my dad's signature. The supervisor was shut down. He had nothing after this comment. Me and my dad thanked and told them to leave because my dad had an appoinment around 3:30pm that day.

    The most interesting thing is at one point the supervisor was talking about consumer protections act, I personally think he needs to read the act himself before he tries t sell anything ever again. What a waste of time and what a bunch of fucking idiots. Who uses the excuse "its my first day" and you know nothing but you want to sell something to me. For people who are getting visits from National Home Services, make sure you ask alot of questions and I assure they won't have the answer to any of your questions.

  6. Some additional info in relation to the information provided in the post.

    My salesman was actually a neighbor who used the old "You can trust me, I live in the neighborhood line". What's interesting is that we've lived here for 20+ years and this is the first time I meet him!

    Also, the 3.5% increase is per year, not for the first 5 so that's an increase of 17.5% in the first five. If it's a 15 year lease, your rate will increase 52.5% over the term of the lease. Not bad considering they will also be making double what the tank actually costs them over this time.

    They bascially offered the same as what I have now, including price matching and an updated tank(extra insultation, some programmable gadget on the burner and a $50.00 gift certificate). If that's it, why the incentive to switch? While I don't bedrudge them tryign to capture market share and Reliance et al have enjoyed a mini monopoly in this area, why the uninvited, deceptive, high pressure sales tactics-at my front door! That's where you lost me, and probably many other people.

    The final straw was the recent promotional literature featuring Tie Dummi on the cover as their company representative. When I think hot water tanks, I think Tie Dummi as an expert on the subject.- NOT!

  7. Just had these scammers at my door trying to get in to my house and "check my water heater". They kept insisting that they were checking all the water heaters to ensure that they meet the governments new green water heater policy, they were very pushy too. As soon as I said something about "I've heard about your type of company" they left pretty quickly.

  8. i just had three men come to my door @ 9pm they said that they where from just energy. i did not let them in just be aware of this.


  9. i had them come to the door yeaterday, once i found out it was a scam i called a hour later and canceled but the got my john hancock at the door, does any1 know if they can charge me anything because a signed at the door thanks…

    1. You should be fine if you cancel within the first 10 days. Make sure you tell everyone at your house not to let anyone in your home for any water tank installation and keep the cancellation number just in case.

  10. NHS program is the best water rental program going

    I have never seen a company do more for me than NHS and the system is well explained in the program agreement.

    You are renting anyways, instead of slander NHS the other company can get a good product and free install. Stop the violcations and inproper install and take types.

    If you listen to this person you have to also include the 900 dollars savings and 600+ install National Gives you!!!

    Customer like the poster is not the Customer we would want anyways! Surely no one has to spend that much time on 10 dollars a month program hahah

    did he forget to mention the great service? HAH The savings with Estar! of course he didn't!

  11. I was beaten by their salesman at my door Oct 12 2010.

    When I told them I was smarter than them they got verbally abusive. I tried to close my door but they were in the way. I push them so I could close my door then the guy named Habib forced my door open and started punching me. I fell to the floor and he came in to my house and started kicking me. eventually the police came and wouldn’t charge them because I had no witnesses!

    1. Yeah, right….

      1) If you had no witnesses, who called the police?

      2) If you were being punched, kicked, and knocked to the floor wouldn't your body have showed signs of physical abuse?

      3) Speaking of signs, wouldn't it have been obvious for the police to see signs of such a struggle in your house?

      Sorry, but your claim seems to reek of BS.

  12. the female salesperson was the first to dial 911. Then when I started yelling for help, a heard and dialed 911. I know my neighbour saw some but I don't know how much. I have photos of my physical injuries but I am not about to post them on the internet. the cop saw the blood all over my face and saw that I was still spitting up blood from my front tooth piercing my lip. there is still blood on my porch and there is still damage to the hinges on my front door. and there is still damage to my 7 year old daughter who just got in bed and heard her father being attacked and yelling for help after the doorbell rang.

    1. So there were three other people present but none of them count as witnesses.

      There was a 911 call made as the attack was happening. This call likely would have been recorded and therefore quite possibly picked up sounds of the attack happening in the background considering how ferocious an loud you claim it was.

      The cop saw that you had been beaten and that there was damage to your home and yet still did nothing.

      What's even more shocking is that now you're saying your daughter was also beaten and yet the cop STILL did nothing?

      Curious about why you didn't mention your daughter in your initial comment. If either of my children had been beaten in front of me I would have raised absolute hell. And considering that their life and safety is far more important than my own I would have definitely pressed charges to the fullest extent of the law against both the employee who did this AND the cop for not doing anything about it. At the very least I would have mentioned that my child had been attacked in a complaint I make online. Who cares about my safety when my kids are involved. Yet you didn't mention anything about your daughter in your initial post at all.

      Similarly, you also didn't mention anything about there being a second employee present either.

      Sorry, once again, but your explanation leaves even more holes in your story. The smell of BS is almost unbearable.

  13. You need to read more accurately.

    In my first post I said "they & them" clearly indicating more than one person and I said "then the guy named Habib forced my door open" which would suggest the other was a female.

    Also, I mentioned my daughter in the second post in response to your rebuttal because it seemed you were wanting more details.

    and most importantly I NEVER SAID my daughter was beaten!!!!!

    it there in black & white…..I said "and there is still damage to my 7 year old daughter who just got in bed and HEARD HER FATHER BEING ATTACKED" meaning psychological damage.

    maybe you should get a job as a cop…your translation of the facts seems to equal that of the cops I just dealt with.

    1. Still don't buy it.

      It's taken you three posts to explain yourself, poorly I might add. Should have been done in one.

      You said there were no witnesses, when in fact there were.

      You said your neighbor saw something but you're not sure how much. I trust that given this happened over a week ago then you must have spoken to your neighbor since the incident to find out what they saw.

      Nothing in your original post suggested more than one salesperson. Simply saying a salesman was at your door and that you said you were smarter than them, to me, only suggests one person. Your description was extremely weak.

      Okay, perhaps I misinterpreted what you said about your daughter but your wording suggested physical damage. After all, you mentioned damage to your hinges (physical damage) and then immediately after damage to your daughter. Given that you worded both lines essentially the same I didn't find it clear enough to know we were jumping from physical damage to psychological.

      Regardless, considering that your daughter was involved (physically or psychologically) that should have been something you mentioned in your original post. If this incident did in fact happen, which I still believe it didn't, then parents reading your post never would have known that their children may be in jeopardy should they answer the door to a salesperson. Good thing I questioned your story, otherwise the internet never would have known!

      Curious about something, you said the police eventually arrived but wouldn't charge the guy. Was the guy still there when the cop showed up? Was he still beating you at the time? If the cop saw this, then they would have been another witness (that would make four witnesses now). Or, did the guy stop beating you and just stood around waiting for the police to show?

      You got the guys name, did he have an ID number or badge number? If the guy didn't give it to you then I'm sure the female salesperson would have. I trust you have reported this incident to the company. You have done this, right? I also trust you would have also reported this to the media as it would make the company in question and the police look bad.

      I still find it hard to believe that the cop would have done nothing considering your injuries and the damage done to the house.

      Regarding those pictures you mentioned. I don't need to see them (mostly because I don't believe they exist) though I'm sure the police would like to see them, as well as the company. You have showed them these pictures, right?

      Look, I may have misinterpreted some of what you said but that is likely because your explanations have been so weak. It makes me question the legitimacy of virtually every other comment I see on this page. How many facts and details are being left out or altered to suit your needs?

      In conclusion, and I mean that because I'm tired of responding to your posts, I don't buy anything you've said for a second. Your "facts" just don't add up and your explanations have been poor, at best.

      Thanks for the story though, it was still entertaining. Perhaps Hollywood could buy it from you.

  14. I have always questioned why victims are afraid to go to the police. now I know why. and after this experience with you I am sure I won't take it to the media. I don't need every know-it-all cynic doubting me and making me feel worse than I already do.

    1. Can you really blame someone for being skeptical of such an outrageous claim?

      Look, in all seriousness, I am truly sorry if this actually happened to you. But based on what you have said, I find it too far fetched with several holes in your story. Just how I see it…

      *IF* everything is accurate, then don't let a critic like myself discourage you from seeking legal action or calling media attention to the matter.

      Anyway, moving on.

  15. ok… i work for this company and honestly, you get way to mad when someone scams you. i sit in a room every morning and listen to my leader tell us to be 100% honest at all times… its not the company who makes people lie its those people desperate to make money who lie on there own, i have this water heater and everyone in my family goes through them because there a good canadian company, sure its part of just but the money is circulated into the economy….so give it need to stop spending so much time on the computer and get a job.

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head, scam and thats what NHS is. I'm sure their very careful about what they say now because NHS is at the forefront now and their being watched. My issue is not with the water heater, its with the company itself. Their was no mention of their parent company when they came to my door. Why would they affiliate themselves with JE, i'll spare you my answer, its self explanatory and while im on the JE bandwagon, just how many charges have been laid against them in the US and Canada in the last 5 years. JE is the biggest scam going, having said that DE and Reliance perhaps are not much better. However, if NHS had come to the door and stipulated and fully disclosed some major points i.e long term contract, high exit fees etc etc. who would sign up, not to many people. There's no mention you have 10 days to cancel. The truth is NHS will more than make their money back with these long term contracts plus you're paying 3-4 dollars more. They speak of free maintenance, and other preventative maintenance, free installation, 2 months free blah blah blah but its not free, you end up paying for it all with this contract. Why do they install the same day, is that part of their great customer service, why do they reaffirm the same day. There is many a case out of their of them installing the water heaters during the 10 day period. Why does NHS not wait for this period to clear? Why does NHS not call you at the 10 day mark and ask you then if you want the water heater? The truth is NHS would rather risk installing the tanks, i believe they said the cost of doing business, were their words. Why wont they respond via email and in written form. You even have you're own people coming on here saying NHS is a sham. Water heater rentals are on the top 10 list in 2010, and who heads up that list.

  16. When a National Home Services representative rang at my door, I first thought it was a good idea to replace my water heater with a brand new one. After all, it was old, a rental anyway, and, last year, when it broke, DirectEnergy had replaced the old one with an used one. So I signed an agreement, and the salesman made me take an appointment for two days after. The following day, I started having doubts about the sales practice of the company. The representative was fine, but pushy, and he hadn't exactly told me about all the terms of what I was signing up for. I questioned the fact that they were in such a hurry to install the water heater when I had 10 days to cancel the agreement. I read the agreement more carefully, especially the termination clause, and decided to cancel it. Now reading articles and forums, I think I made a good decision.

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