Summit Energy – Rude Door to Door SalesBOYS

Today a Summit Energy salesBOY came to my door. his 1st question was: Are you the lady of the house? I said yes. He then asked if I had a fixed rate for my energy and I said yes but not with your Company. He then continued to tell me that he was jsut here to verify I had a fixed rate. I continued to say – Not with SUmmit. After about 5 mins, he asked who with. I then asked – What is your fixed rate. His response 7.3 for hydro. I then saind – NO thanks. He promptly said: You don’t know nothing. You don’t know what you are paying. I said Excuse me? He continued to tell me I do not know what I am paying. I then asked him to leave my property. He kept laughing and snickering but finally left. Summit Energy needs to educate their SalesBOYS to make them SalesMEN. They need better customer service.

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