Why I hate Just Energy

  • Utilize door-to-door sale to sign up homeowners with a legal blinding contract. Not for 1 year, or 2 years but 5 years contract with costly existing fee.
  • The sale agents may dress up and act like they’re your current provider, they will not tell you they are sent by a private company, they will not tell you why they ask for your gas and electricity bills and they will diffidently NOT tell you that you do not SAVE MONEY.
  • Once you join, there is a reaffirm over the phone.
  • You will never EVER receive any information letting you know if you are actually saving, losing or breaking even.
  • If you moved to a new location where you no longer responsible for your gas and electricity bills. Despite your old gas and electricity were paid in full, and the account closed. If you do not inform them you have moved, they will send you to collection and have the collection agency after you.
  • If you have a contract dispute and asks for a copy of your contract and the reaffirmation call. It take up to 6 weeks to mail you a copy so you can verify that this was infact a legal binding contract.
  • If you separate with your spouse, instead of canceling a contract associated with a premarital home. They requires one of the former spouse partners to pay for canceling the contract. This will not be advertised or made known, except as a last resort to keep collecting money.
  • If you called and asked to cancel because someone else in your home sign the contract and/or reaffirm the call. They might ask you if the person who signed has Power of Attorney.
  • The name “Savings” imply savings, but that is NOT true. The company does not guarantee any savings.
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