Enbridge and Just Energy “deceptive” tactics

Just Energy is one of many energy companies that participate in Enbridge billing service for natural gas.

In Ontario, Just Energy gets much of their natural gas in partnership with Enbridge, and then sells it to home and business owners at fixed rate in a 5 year contract.

Most of Just Energy’s customers come from door-to-door sales. These door-to-door sales tactics had gotten Just Energy a lot of trouble both in Canada and the U.S. Read about Just Energy past and current misleading and deceptive door-to-door sales.

Many of Just Energy’s door-to-door sales agents had been accused for misrepresenting themselves as Enbridge personnel in order to lock home and business owners in a 5 years fixed rate contract. Even though on Enbridge’s website it state: “The companies participating in the Enbridge Billing Service are not owned by or affiliated with Enbridge.” and this include Just Energy.

On the other hand, Enbridge, the company that license Just Energy to use its billing service is also accused of deceptive tactics in the summer of 2010. On July 28, 2010, Enbridge’s pipline in Michigan leaked about 800,000 of crude oil and some of the home owners affected by the spoiled accused Enbridge of deceptive tactics. Watch this news report by CBS News on Enbridge deceptive tactics. Now James Oberstar, The Chairman of House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee is calling for a federal investigation into this oil mess.

My question is this: what would Enbridge do to other natural gas and electricity suppliers that participate in the Enbridge billing service who use the same misleading/deceptive tactics by going door-to-door to sign-up customers? Would Enbridge suspend their license for behaving unethically? Of course not!

How you get your natural gas from Enbridge and Just Energy

This is how you get your natural gas if you are directly buying from Enbridge:
Enbridge (regulated + sell natural gas at variable rate) –> You

This is how you get your natural gas with Just Energy’s fix rate price protection program:
Enbridge (regulated + sell natural gas as variable rate) –> Just Energy (deregulated + sell natural gas at fixed rate) –> You

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