How to cancel Energy Contract?

How to cancel Energy contract without fee

  1. Call the Energy Company
  2. Ask the company for a copy of your alleged signed contract (you always want to say and write “alleged” because you do not want to say you or someone sign it) and ask for a copy of the confirmation call. If the Energy company does not have or send you a copy of the contract and the confirmation call, your contract is void.
  3. Tell the Energy company your brother is not responsible for the utility (I assume your brother’s name is not on the Enbridge bill). Only the people names on the utility bill are allow to sign and reconfirmed over the phone for any gas and electricity contract. If their name is not on the bill, the contract is void. If that’s the case go read #8, you may get your money back – ask for reimbursement for the money you over paid the Energy company vs if you were stuck with your local utility with Enbridge.
  4. Tell them the door-to-door sale agents lied to your brother by saying “they work for Enbridge”.
  5. When you call tell them the door-to-door sale agents lied by telling your brother they were there to give you a discount, when in fact it was for a fixed-rate contract for natural gas.
  6. Check the list again Top 10 Issues Raised By Gas and Electricity Retailer / Marketer and see if you can pick out any more things you can complain against Energy company.
  7. Energy company might offer you a lowered rate to keep your business, it’s up to you to accept their offer but keep in mind if you forget to cancel your contract. They may auto renew your contract. Also, if they tried to lowered your rate at 20.0 CENT per m3, that’s half of what you are paying now at 42.9 CENT per m3. But remember the current rate for natural gas is even lower and remember if you continue with the Energy company – you are supporting the same company that sent out these agents to your home.
  8. Tell the Energy company you will file your complaint to Ontario Energy Board if they do not cancel you without any fee.

Some basic information you need to know about Energy company

If you don’t know the current natural gas and electricity prices in Ontario. Check out this page to compare gas and electricity prices – if you don’t understand how it work, save yourself money and headaches by not signing anything at the door. You’re better off with Enbridge or your local utility.

If you check Top 10 Issues Raised By Gas and Electricity Retailer / Marketer

Somewhere in there it read “Misrepresentation of Identity”.

Here’s how these door-to-door gas and electricity providers work and make profit:

Author: Electricity Companies

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4 thoughts on “How to cancel Energy Contract?

  1. In the mail tomorrow morning!

    Superior Energy Management

    6860 Century Avenue

    East Tower, Suite 3000

    Mississauga ON

    L5N 2W5

    To whom it may concern,

    I wish to have the enclosed contract with Superior Energy Management cancelled with immediate effect.

    I have enclosed a cheque for $40.07 as a cancellation fee although I disagree with having to pay any fee at all considering the amount of profit you have made from me.

    Since October 2006, I have overpaid for my natural gas sold through your company. In the past 5 years Enbridge Gas charges have been consistently lower than your ‘great rate’, and no, I have not saved money, in fact I have probably over- paid hundreds, if not thousands, of my hard earned dollars to you and I do not intend to spend another cent.

    You sell these fixed price agreements and quote facts and figures that have meant nothing to me. I have listed a few facts and figures of my own.

    Enbridge Gas Rates Since 2006

    Oct 2006 – 22.502

    Jan 2007 – 30.6109

    Apr 2007 – 28.9954

    Jul 2007 – 26.226

    Oct 2007 – 26.0110

    Jan 2008 – 24.4989

    Apr 2008 – 26.3952

    Jul 2008 – 38.1543

    Oct 2008 – 35.4559

    Jan 2009 – 29.1564

    Apr 2009 – 17.3748

    Jul 2009 – 14.7149

    Oct 2009 – 12.954

    Jan 2010 – 12.9141

    Apr 2010 – 21.1171

    Jul 2010 – 16.2114

    Oct 2010 – 13.7818

    Jan 2011 – 12.2495

    Apr 2011 – 11.81

    And I have been paying 38.9. Could you please explain to me how I have ‘saved’ money…..

    You should be reported for misrepresentation.

    I want my details removed from any mailing list/calling list that you may have.

    I will not be recommending your company to any of my friends/family as I am not that mean.

  2. Agree Sam, you do not want to add up the extra money Superior Energy has extorted from you. I just added up the difference it has made to my bill (at my rate of 39.9) and it has been $2,882.11 so far with 4 months to go on the contract.

    No good has ever come from signing a contract from a door to door commissioned salesperson.


    Embarrassed, poorer but finally much wiser!

  3. I would like to cancel my contract before it starts. I was told I have 10 days before It gets connected.

    Thank you
    Dorothy Dion

  4. I would like too cancel this energy plan. I was told something deal by the salesperson. I would like too cancel immediately. The salesman was here in a Friday and I am cancel on Monday, before the ten days of the contract being. Yes, I am responsible for the utilities here at my home

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