Just Energy reduced rates to customers

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Angie Abens pays $10.99/GJ to Just Energy, formerly Alberta Energy Savings L.P. for natural gas.

She researched current natural gas rate online and found the rate people without contract are paying this month is only $4.21/GJ.

Well, we were shock because the whole idea behind, you know getting a contract is to keep your rate low.

Our rates are fairly high.

She called Just Energy to complain about her rate and was surprised when a customer service rep lowered it to just $5.99/GJ.

It’s nearly cut in half, just instantly.

Abens said the rep told her they been doing this over the phone for certain customers for about two months.

I got off the phone and I started to think how many families out there are paying double what they actually need to be paying just because they haven’t phone in.

Here’s why the company is willing to do this, if Abens continue to pay for natural gas in her contract rate ($10.99/GJ) for the remaining 2.5 years it will cost about $3,700. Using today’s market rate and assuming it stays the same, Abens’s gas will cost about $1,400 for the next 2.5 years.

Now, even once you subtract the early exit fee she had to pay to get out of the contract. She still saves about $1,700 by cancelling the contract and buying her gas at the market rate.

I asked Just Energy if it had an organized program under which consumers could lower their contract rates.

In an email its spokesman (Gord Potter – Just Energy Executive VP) said he cannot discuss our policies overall… Given the competitive environment in which we operate. However we do take customer service very seriously, and consider any customer issues on a case by case basis recognizing that we have a valid contractual agreement with the customer but also considering each customer’s personal and financial situation.

Abens said she’s glad she did the math and made the call.

Yea, that’s huge. That’s a vacation for us, for our family.

It is a big difference for sure, Lea joins us now. So Lea would other gas companies agree to lower the rate if its change since you signs the contract?

I checked into that Tara and Direct Energy Essential Services is one of the companies I contacted. Enmax had basically stop marketing gas contract door-to-door by that time. Direct Energy says customers are oblige to pay the rate they sign up for because the company incur cost on their behave at the time of the contract.

Now, that being said, if your rate is high and you have some time left on your contract. It’s worth your wild to do the math and if it make more economically sense to cancel and buy on the market. Then call your company and tell them you may do that and then see what they have to say.

Worth trying, why not?

Minds as well try to negotiate. Thank you Lea

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