justenergyCON!!! Watch the 10 day point …


Unfortunately I signed on … but advised the rep that I would read the contract when I had time (he was VERY pushy … you know the type that says “I wouldn’t lie to you” … when in fact those are the very ones to run from!  His name was “Zein Jammal” … I even advised him to get an honest job … his response was “I have been doing this for 2 years and I like what I do” … obviously not a young man to take advice and a hopeless liar.

The day that they say they will CALL TO CONFIRM YOUR INFO …. just happens to be 11 days … yes 11 days … past the day they sign you on!!!   How convenient … one day past the legally required 10-day cooling off period … then I imagine it is tougher to get out of the contract.

Then, you can cancel after 30 days free of charge supposedly … but at that point you won’t even have had your first bill (yes, the one that shows you are actually paying more!!).  The cost to cancel after that is $100!!   

ADVICE … avoid them like the plague … if you signed ….1) call the independent contractor and record the date and time of the conversation; 2) email the company immediately and keep a copy … their email is: cs@justenergy.com  3) call the company JUST ENERGY at 1-866-238-2450 and record the date, time, and customer service rep you spoke to:  AND 4) send a registered letter.  I am  also calling Veridian to put a note on my account that I am NOT changing suppliers.

Then tell EVERYONE you know that these people are scammers … google them … and that you WILL in fact pay MORE if you sign on!!!


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