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While I was on my vacation over in Pattaya, Thailand, I stayed in a hotel called Mama Villa for two weeks. Located in the central Pattaya and about 5 minutes bike ride or about 20 minutes walk to the beachfront. I actually prefer staying in central Pattaya compare to my previous hotel at Prima Place, which was located south of Pattaya. I find there were more restaurants around Villa Mama.

Although the room in Villa Mama was very small, but since I was only going to stay for two weeks it didn’t bother me as long as it was clean and dry. Also, Villa Mamma room had everything I needed including a bed, air conditioner, fridge, cable TV, free wifi internet, a closet, washroom with hot shower and a table.

Villa Mama Room

At first I was kind of hesitate to stay there because everything seem to be so compact, if you are claustrophobic, the room might not be an ideal place for you.

Villa Mama Bed

When I was there this February 2010, it cost about $4000 baht for two weeks and when I left, I paid another $200 baht for the utility/water. One month only cost $5000 baht or you can stay for a day from $500 baht. While I was there, they had one room left for me, it seem to be a popular place for tourists and other Thais.

Just remember shut your window when sleep. The room I stayed had no mosquito net on the window. My window had nothing to block out the flies from going inside the room. Usually I always close my window and turn on the air condition or use the fan on the air condition since the room was so small it didn’t take much to for the air condition to cool the room. However, one night, I left the window open by accident and there were mosquitoes all over the room. These Thai mosquitoes are like tiny little assassins, you can’t hear them coming because they were so tiny and they were hard to find.

If you are on a budget like I did, I would recommend Villa Mama, and the bonus was free wireless internet, which happen to be very reliable and fast for a wireless connection.

Villa Mama Washroom

Villa Mama is located in Pattaya, Phatthaya sai 3, Na Kluea, Bang Lamung, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand.

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