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Hello im inquiring on how to get out of my universal energy contract that was signed back in late Feb 2008…im approachin year 3 and my frustrations with these prices is at an all time high.

I filled the application out and signed the form on Thursday evening Feb 21, 2008, i emailed them on March 7 indicating i would like to cancel. I received and email back from them on March 13 indicating they received and submitted my request for cancellation and that a response would be sent to me in 5 to 15 days but for me to refer to Section 13 of Gas Agreement and terms for early cancellation. 

I received that email which i do not have anymore indicating the extravagant cancellation fees in excess of 700 dollars. I believed i fell within the 10 business day cooling off period but for some reason i backed off cuz i thought i would have to pay these outrageous cancellation fees.

I still i have the email i sent on March 7…i technically signed the application form on the evening of Feb 21 2008….to me that falls within the cooling off period…i have written evidence that i did not want to participate in the program and they threatened me with these outrageous fees..i know this seems late but i thought i had no recourse at the time and after almost three years into this….im tired of these clowns getting away with this fraud.

Even there own brochure states “Universal guarantees you competitive rates!” spare me.

There far from competitive. I’ve just gotten hosed over these last 3 years and im tired of it. I thought i had to live with this but after seeing all these blog sites perhaps i can fight them and get out of my last 2 i believe i gave them written notice within 10-15 business days. My big issues were with misrepresentation of price, the excessive cancellation fees and provincial benefit charge that wasnt indicated to me.

They told me i was going to save money…i havent saved a dime. He was in such a panic to get me to sign..i told him i dont have a bill…he said just go on line and email it to him…these selling tactics are just not acceptable. So i realize im a little late in the game here but if there is anyway i can get out of my last 2 years and change i would like to know anyone’s opinion at my chances….like i said i still have the email i sent indicating i wanted to cancel (again i signed on Feb21(evening-and put my request to cancel on March7 2008)and there email indicating to me they received my request…what was to follow was there outrageous cancellation fee which i was subject too…any help would be appreciated if there is something i can do…kudos to you for having this blog…


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  1. It's never too late. They should have cancel you without any penalty.

    Since you already send them a letter for the cancellation within the first month, here’s what I would do.

    1. Call the company, tell them you canceled a long time ago and tell them about the emails of your cancellation. Send them a copy if they want it.

    2. Tell them you're not going to pay for the cancellation fee since you cancel it within the cancellation period within 1 month.

    3. Tell them why you wanted to cancel. The list of issues are on this page Top 10 Issues Raised By Gas and Electricity Retailer / Marketer

    Here’s another thing you should consider…

    Did they ever call you to reaffirm the deal during the 10 days cooling off period? You need to ask for a copy of the voice conversation of the reaffirm. They can send it to your email as an mp3 format and also ask for a copy of your original sign contract.

    If they do not have one or both, then there is no contract. There was a court case some time ago, to make the story short. There was a bank that wanted more money for a mortgage, however the bank does not have the contract so the court says there was no mortgage.

    If you contacted company and has not resolved the complaint to your satisfaction, contact the Ontario Energy Board.

    Lastly, make sure you record your call. If you have an iPhone there is a free app to record your voice conversation. If not, use a digital camera and use a speaker phone so you can record. Test it out first before you call the company, to see if you can hear clearly.

    1. Thanks very much for your help. I've contacted the Ontario Energy board and have a case generated we'll see what happens. You had indicated i had thirty days to cancel, i thought it was only 10?? i also think i have them on the reaffirmation date…i recall them reaffirming within the 10 day cooling off period…which if im not mistaken there not suppose to do that. I was going to call them but i think this would work to my benefit more….because if i did call sure they would just say contact your'e utility. Im hoping for a positive outcome and a possible refund. Im really surprised that just energy is still functioning after all the headlines this company has made. I really hope its that easy for me to get out this contract( the fact that i cancelled within 10-30 days…we'll see how JE responds to the Ontario Energy Board. I appreciate the feedback. Cheers,


      1. Not a problem.

        In Ontario the 10 days is the law of the land, other places have them too. Anything purchase at the door over $50 dollars, you have 10 days to cancel for any reason.

        I know Just Energy let you cancel without any penalty within the 30 days after you receive your first bill with them. I'm not sure if this apply two years ago.

        Check out this post.

    1. Of course, but they won't hand that money back to you so easily. Look how hard and long it took just to cancel. If you want a refund – in Ontario, you will have to go through OEB.

  2. My case is being checked by the Ministry of Energy.Summit Energy called me and wanted to see my income,so that they could decrese the cancelation fee.It was funny I told them I won't pay a cent.

    1. Good stuff. They should be paying you for wasting your time.

      You file a complaint with the ministry of Energy, what about OEB?

  3. I did either but MPP of my area sent the file to ministry,so I don't know what it's going to be? Do YOU think it is waste of time?

    1. I think it's a waste of time for you and anyone who has to deal with these deceptive door-to-door energy sales.

      No, its not a waste of time if you want to stand up for your rights.

  4. I am now trying to get out of a contract with these people too. I think I just got an application which I signed and not a contract. They told me they would save me money. Why would I sign something otherwise? They have not saved me anything and now have cost me on average about an extra $75 a month so far, over the past 2 months. I really had no idea of all the scams, and my husband didn’t trust then either. I am usually very skeptical when it comes to things like this, but this guy was just very genuine and I guess he seemed very honest, and I am very honest too so I trusted that he was genuinely trying to help us. Even my son who is extremely skeptical of anyone he doesn’t trust was taken in too. I should have agreed with my husband and kicked the guy out on his ass, but I trusted him when he said this would save us money…

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