Momentis by Just Energy now operating in Illinois

On October 2010, Just Energy is launching its MLM company Momentis in Illinois. Good news? I think not…

Here’s a quick history of Just Energy. In 2008, Just Energy was charged for consumer fraud and deceptive business practices by The Attorney General of Illinois, and 5 months after another fraud charge by The Attorney General of New York. Read about the charges and lawsuits against Just Energy.

According to Citizens Utility Board (CUB), 98% of Illinois homeowners who sign up with Just Energy are money losers.

Just Energy fixed rate plans are money losers
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Homeowners who signup with Just Energy fixed-rate gas and electricity plans (Price Protection Plan) lost money of an average of $1275.18 (June 2010) base on 187 plans. With an average saving of only $122.11 (June 2010) with 4 plans. View full analysis here, Just Energy fixed rate gas and electricity provider plans analysis by CUB

Also keep in mind that it also have an F rating (lowest rating) at The Better Business Bureau with over 500+ complaints. BBB’s rating for Just Energy in Chicago.

The Better Business Bureau rated Just Energy with the lowest score F

What people are saying about Just Energy

“This company (Just Energy) is engaged in the worst kind of consumer fraud, preying on people’s fears of rising natural gas bills and resorting to deception in order to boost sales.” said Citizens Utility Board’s Executive Director David Kolata. Customer Complaint History for Just Energy.

“U.S. Energy (aka Just Energy) is purposely deceiving consumers,” Attorney General Madigan said. “Many of these families signed up for this program based on the false claim that they would save on their monthly utility bills. Instead, U.S. Energy (Just Energy) locked them into a contract that actually charged them more for natural gas.” Read more at, Madigan files suit against U.S. Energy Savings Corp.

“Targeting older people and taking advantage of consumers with bait and switch tactics that result in higher gas bills and misrepresenting services are predatory practices that need to be stopped,” said Bob Gallo, state director for AARP Illinois. “Finding ways to get people to pay more for the utilities they already struggle to afford isn’t just bad business, it’s appalling and we urge the ICC to stand up for consumers and put an end to it.” Read more at, State clamping down on gas and electricity providers who promise savings, but don’t deliver


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