Thailand Bullet Train in 2024 | Bangkok to Pattaya

The bullet trains are coming to Thailand

The bullet trains are coming to Thailand. The project got approved, and construction is underway. The bullet trains will travel around 155 mph or 250km/h. The completion of the bullet trains is estimated to be in 2023, just about 4 years from the time of this recording.

It will employ Chinese technology, but Thailand decline there was any Chinese loan. This project is considered to be the Belt and Road Initiative that will connect China with the rest of Asia.

Bangkok to Pattaya by Train

Another famous seaside resort city southeast of Bangkok.

There is another bullet train project that will connect Bangkok to Pattaya. It will allow passengers to go between these two major cities within 45 minutes by 2021. However, the service is planned to start in 2024, and the 137-mile line will terminate at U-Tapao Airport, outside of Pattaya in Rayong province.

“The planned line, beginning from Don Mueang then passing through Bang Sue, will also stop at Makkasan in central Bangkok before proceeding to Chachoengsao, Chonburi, Sriracha and Pattaya, a major tourist destination located 75 miles (120 km) south of Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand.”

Bangkok to Pattaya Bullet Train Route in 2024

The Thai government is also planning to divert about 10% of flights from Bangkok airports to U-Tapao airports as the two airports in Bangkok are over capacity.



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