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After 1 month of paid membership, here is my review of

The main homepage on both free and paid members’ will look identical. The only difference is you can contact other members with the paid membership. Homepage - on line dating services

At first, I was using the free membership to do some searches and to save the Thai women of interest to my account as “favourites”.

About two months after using the free membership, I sign-up for the 1 month Gold membership and paid $29.99 dollars.

Differences between Free, Gold and Platinum memberships

Free membership
Allows you to update / add pictures to your profile. The search functions are the same on Free membership and for Gold membership. Search - on line dating services

* will not display more than 1000 profiles on a single search (both free and paid memberships), you will have to refine your search.

Gold membership
Allows you to send messages, read messages, send interests, and use the live chat. Live Chat

You can send a live chat request to any members who are currently online and they will have to accept your invitation. You can also call and talk to that person if both of you have a microphone, but it doesn’t work as well (see image above).

Platinum Membership
Platinum cost a little more than Gold, but you get to watch, or send video profiles. I wound not spend the extra money on Platinum because there are not many video profiles. You can always chat online using MSN or Yahoo messenger and view each other web cams, all for free.

What I don’t like

1. There are many fake accounts.

2. Out of 50+ messages I sent out while I was a Gold member, I had only 2 replies.

3. Sometime the website can be sluggish, page freezes, pictures can be slow to load.

4. You get 2 minutes time-out, which is annoying. For example, if you do a search and if you do not click anything within 2 minutes the webpage will time out and you will have to start your search all over. 2 min. timeout - on line dating services

5. If you are updating your profile under “A little about yourself” or “What you’re looking for in a partner” you will have to wait at least 4-24 hours for the administration of the website to review and approve it.

6. There are many members, but very few of them are active members.

The cost of joining

Free Member
No email, no chat, send interest, allow to update your profile and do your search.

Gold Member
1 month $29.99, 3 month $20.00 per month, 6 month $10.00 per month, 12 month $10.00 per month – Allow to send email, chat, update profile and the same search functions you get on the free account.

Platinum Member
1 month $39.99, 3 month $26.00 per month, 6 month $20.00 per month, 12 month $12.50 per month – Allow you to have all the features in the Free and Gold memberships. Also, you will be able to watch video profiles, send and watch video mail.

* All the prices are non-recurring, you pay once and that’s it, unless you want to renew.


There are many Thai women on the website, but unfortunately most are not active.

Also, I find it hard to communicate, majority of the Thais do not speak or write English very well.

I would not recommend this website, it’s not the best online dating service website for Thai women but if you seriously want a Thai woman, then you don’t have much to lose but $30 dollars.

I didn’t’ get much luck maybe you will have a better chance than I did.


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  2. After my Subscription ended..I received messages which had the same heading! Right…lol to get me to rejoin with fake profiles or letters…

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