Natural gas pros and cons

Natural gas mainly made up of methane, it is odorless and colorless. It burns cleaner than fossil fuel but it is still releasing CO2 into the atmosphere.

Natural gas can be use to heat homes, for cooking, use to run cars, trucks, airplanes, and other household appliances.

Let’s take a look at the chart below on the “pros and cons of natural gas”.

Natural Gas Pros Cons

Natural Gas Pros

Here is a list of the advantages of natural gas

Natural Gas Cons

Here is a list of the disadvantages of natural gas

Natural gas burn more cleaner than fossil fuels – 45% less carbon dioxide with coal and 30% less than fossil fuel.

Does not pollute the underground water or pollute the ground when it is burned.

Natural gas is use to heat homes, to generate fire for cooking, run with your hot water heater to produce hot water, and to run different appliances.

People without natural gas pipe in their homes can use small tanks containing natural gas.

Natural gas burn without releasing soot or sulfur dioxide.

Natural gas can also be use as a fuel to run cars, trucks and airplanes. It burns cleaner than diesel and gasoline.

Natural gas can be use to create some plastics, paints, it can produce ammonia for fertilizers and hydrogen.

Natural gas is widely available.

Natural gas is lighter than air, if there is a leak, it is likely that it will dissipate and it is less likely to create an explosion when compare to propane gas that is much heavier than air.

Natural gas is another type of fossil fuel, which means it is non-renewable and still releases carbon dioxide (CO2).

Need long pipelines, need big tankers on land and sea for transportation. Need specialized fuel tank in vehicles for transport that carries some safety concerns. The long pipes disrupt the ecosystems.

Natural gas is cleaner than coal and gasoline but it is still releasing carbon dioxide that contributes to global warming.

It can be expensive to use natural gas if your home is not properly insulated.

Some electrical appliances need high voltage which are expensive to install and dangerous.

If there is a leak, it may cause fire or explosion.

In some areas, methane excess from natural gas is burn into the atmosphere because it is uneconomical to transport to external markets.

When using natural gas in cars or trucks, the mileage from natural gas is lower than gasoline.


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