TV pros and cons

On July 20, 1969, Neil A. Armstrong step out of the lunar module of the Apollo 11 spacecraft, to walked on the surface of the moon. Many of us witness this great historic event on TV. TV has the power to inform, inspire, and unite humanity.

However, TV produces more problems than it offers blessings. The first problem is no matter how noble our intentions are to watch only worthwhile programming, once we start watching, it is all too easy to become almost hypnotic by keeping us watching even with dull content.

Television Pros Cons

TV Pros

Here is a list of the advantages of TV

TV Cons

Here is a list of the disadvantages of TV

Some TV programs designed for children can be very interactive, making kids think, learn, improving their creativity, and improving problem solving skills.

There are other intelligent TV shows and channels for people who want to be mentally stimulated.

TV makes you and your kids lazy, it weaken your metabolism, get you fat and slow your motor reflexes.

TV can be addictive and it can take up a lot of your time. The average person watches about 3 – 5 hours of TV per day.

Research has linked students who watched too much TV with poor school performance, behavior problem and obesity, said a University of Missouri Extension human development specialist. Play More, Watch Less

“Four-year-old children who watched TV in a child-care setting scored lower on measures of applied problem-solving, language comprehension and expressive vocabulary,” said Nina Chen. “These children also don’t get as much physical activity and don’t get exposed to new activities.” The pros and cons of television viewing for children.

TV display violence, the average children watched about 200,000 televised acts of violence by the age of 18. The pros and cons of television viewing for children.

In 1989, a study by Larry Tucker at Brigham Young University said, “Men who watch television three or more hours a day are twice as likely to be obese than men who watch for less than an hour.”

TV decrease your attention span because you are used to short blurts of information and this made you impatient if it takes too long for someone to make a point.

TV weakens your imagination because everything is shown to you and all you have to do is sit back and relax.

TV is not meet to educate, entertain, or to enlighten us. TV studios are operated by big corporations and these corporations main function is profit by selling their products and services.

TV influences us, if not, why would businesses pure billion of dollars in advertisements?

Less time for family interaction and interaction with other people.

You may be watching TV because of its power and not the content.

More about the cons of watching too much TV here. Kill your TV

More about the watching TV pros and cons of children.


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