Bangkok Shopping Mall ICONSIAM is Ranked One of The Best in The World

According to MIPIM, they awarded ICONSIAM the best 4 shopping centers in the world. Among 172 entries from 36 countries at the MIPIM 2021 awards event held in France in 2021.

MIPIM is a 4-day real estate exhibition. This event gathers the most influential players from all sectors of the international property industry and provides networking, learning, and deal-making for real estate professionals from around the world.

ICONSIAM is the first Thai retail development to compete at the globally respected MIPIM Awards.

The temples are lovely if you’re in Bangkok, but you need to check out this mall, especially the waterfall. It is nothing I’ve seen before, and I can sit and watch that waterfall for an hour.

They even sell Bently, Ferrari and other supercars inside the mall, that cost half of million USD or more.

Pretty much any super-luxury fashion brand you can think of can be purchase in this mall. From Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Gucci, Tiffany and the rest.

ICONSIAM costs about US$1.6 billion, located next to a riverside in Bangkok. It’s also massive at 750,000-square-metre.

Before this award, this mall also receives over a dozen other real estate awards, making it one of the most-awarded developments in Asia.

So check it out if you’re in town next time. It’s going to put your hometown shopping mall to shame after you visit it.

I’m not being paid to say that…


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