Car that runs on water (H2O)

Drive wherever, whenever and whatever we want. That is the American way but now it is proving that our love for cars has threatened all of our national security and health of our planet. Common sense tells us we demand the alternative and considered new possibilities with cars that not just run on gasoline but also on pure water aka H2O.

Anyone who knows Stanley Meyer, would say that he is a genius. He redesigned a jet engine for the Air Force, save a nuclear reactor plant from meltdown, and now Stanley Meyer is developing a car engine that could reduce America dependence on foreign oil and reduce greenhouse gas.

His home videos show years of effort but now Stanley Meyer believes he got it. What the technology does is reduce consumption of gasoline and use water. His process is to modify Water into a powerful fuel, he says it can improve fuel efficiency and reduce exhaust.

“It is environmentally the right choice…”, said the inventor.

The world consumes a large amount of oil each hour and most of the oil is use for transportation for moving people and products.

America represents 4% of the world of population and uses about 25% of the world’s oil. Much of that oil is use for driving people and products to different locations. In America transportation accounts for almost 70% of all the oil America uses.

So what can we do about it?

We can improve our gas mileage by using the technology we have currently. Rand Udall said, “We know how to make vehicle that can get 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 miles to a gallon. They don’t need to be small they don’t need to be unsafe. In fact they can probably be more comfortable and has more amenities with the current cars right now.”

It is not the issue of technology then why don’t we do it?

In the 70s Pres. Jimmy Carter did not have hybrid cars or alternative fuels but the average fuel efficiency from 12 miles per gallon to 28.5 miles per gallon.

Today, the fuel efficiency has drop in part of the big cars like SUV. A vehicle that America fell in love with when gas was cheaper but heavier vehicle like the SUV are exempt from tough fuel efficiency standards and there are millions of SUV on the road today.

Traditionally, green issues belong to Democrat but not anymore. Republican Sen. Norm Coleman support tighter fuel efficiency standard and using alternative fuels, like ethanol made from corn.

Energy policy need to be effective and it has to be bipartisan. You need to have Democrat and Republican side-by-side promoting this energy policy.

One interesting policy plan was introduce at the state capital. It encourages Ford to convert it trouble automotive plants to build hybrid cars that uses ethanol from corn and the car can be charge up with electricity when the car is park at home.

Fuel efficiency could be well over 100 miles per gallon with all the current available technology. Ford has yet been convinced.

Steve Meyer says his gas saving invention could be fitted to almost any kind of car and if we all have what is need to get started now. He says just imagine what is next.


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One thought on “Car that runs on water (H2O)

  1. This has all the hallmarks of every other H2O fuel myth.

    How stupid are people ? The only way H2O can be used as a fuel is to separate the H (Hydrogen) and the O (Oxygen) so that they can combust.

    He claims to convert water to a powerful fuel. Sorry, not chemically possible without additives. Hydrogen and Oxygen are separated from water by a process called electrolysis. You pass an electric current through the water. H and O are collected at the two terminals. This process uses more engery than combusting the two gases releases.

    It is a WELL KNOWN fact and has not changed in a hundred years.

    Water does not burn like a fuel…CMON America, prove you are not a Third World Intelligence, for once.

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