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In May of 2010 I had two gentlemen show up at my door to offer a new hot water tank. Both gentlemen had proper national ID’s both represented themselves as National employees. At no time did either of them suggest they worked for another company nor did I experience many of the horror stories I am no learning about online. Lucky me!!

Have said that, now I am experiencing headache after headache with my decision to move from Reliance to National. National attempted to return the tank to Reliance and apparently Reliance refused to take the tank back. Now I am getting billed monthly by both Reliance and National… wonderful!!! Presently I am holding payment back to Reliance based on National saying hold off until October 8th which is when National and Reliance have their day in court. National has advised me they will pick up all fees if they lose in court. Great, who gets to deal with the credit agencies when I get the notices? National customer service advises their legal department will deal with it. I need to see this….

School yard tactics by both companies aside, my major issue with National Home Services is how they handle the paperwork. I signed for a new hot water tank based on what the sales person showed and told me (another mistake on my part). The installation went smooth, both technicians were professional and did a good job. My major beef is how they get you, the technician finish the job and say in broken english here please sign the Residential Water Heater Installation Work Order please. Okay that day I had 1 1/2 year old son, so I quickly read it and signed the work order. As time went on and I began doing more research I quickly learned I had signed a 15 year contract with National. Yes, the terms and conditions were on the back of the work order, gotcha!  What? do the math, my bill is 13.50 per month, each year my bill increases 3.5 percent for 15 years. The hot water tank is only worth 1000 bucks installed. Nobody mentioned length of contract, penalties to break the contract etc. Yes, my fault I suppose at not flipping over the work order and reading the contract details. Nice trick on Nationals part!!

Morale of the story people, be careful what you sign. Is National a scam? hardly, but they are far from upfront with providing information. I contacted National and asked if I could by the hot water tank therefore cancelling the agreement. They said it was no problem, cost is 1100 plus tax. Not bad I suppose considering the installation is included in this cost. over 15 years I should save a few thousand bucks.

End of the day, we buy our air conditioners, furnaces and appliances. drop the 1000 bucks and buy a hot water tank so you don’t have to deal with any of these companies. They’re all the same!!! Now I need get Reliance their tank back.

Months of headaches… buy your own hot water tank! 🙂


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  1. You said National Home Services are far from upfront with providing information. I call that misleading/deceptive sale practices, and in my opinion, a scam. Why would they tell you all the information? If they start telling people the long term contract, cancellation fees, moving agreement on their contract. They would be out of work by now.

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