15-yr-old Girl in Tears When Her Bridegroom Didn’t Show up at The Wedding

15-yr-old Girl in Tears When Her Bridegroom Didn't Show up at The Wedding

In Nakhon Ratchasima Province, also known as Khorat. A 15-year-old bride was in tears when her 20 years old bridegroom did not show up at the wedding and disappeared.

Leaving the bride in tears with surprised guests and shocked family members.

The couple meet for about 6-7 months, and both are uneducated.

Thai media spoke to the mother of the bride about the reason behind the disappearance of the bridegroom.

It was revealed that the wedding was to be on Jan 17, 2021.

The dowry was 60,000 baht (about $2,000 USD) and 1 baht of gold (about 15 gram of gold or about $800 USD).

About $2,800 USD for the dowry, in cash and gold, on top of that the wedding cost money too.

Thai Isaan Wedding

That amount of money is a lot in that part of the country, might take someone years or decades to save that much.

But the bridegroom’s family agreed to the cost of the dowry.

That’s a tradition here.

Both families get together and talk about the dowry.

Talk about date and all that comes with the wedding.

If the bridegroom or his family can’t pay the dowry because it’s too high, this is the time to negotiate or walk away.

If there is no agreement on the dowry because the bridegroom can’t pay or think it’s a scam

It’s straightforward, and you simply don’t marry and walk away.

However, this one is a bit different because she was 15 years old, a minor, and he was 20 who allegedly took her virginity.

So it’s a bit complicated, and they live in the countryside and seem to be very traditional.

On The Wedding Day

The bridegroom and his family did not show up at the wedding.

They called saying they have no money for the wedding and can’t give the dowry as promised.

Since the wedding was already planned and organized by the bride’s family.

Thai wedding, The bridegroom and his family did not show up at the wedding

The bride’s family already took a loan from their mortgage for 35,000 baht and borrowed from neighbours 100,000 baht to pay for food, water and other costs for organizing the wedding.

Now they have to pay back those loans.

So the bride’s family lost money and now have to talk with their creditors because they were expecting the dowry. They also lost face.

Since the girl was only 15 years old.

BTW, Thais can marry that young in Thailand, I’m not sure the age limit is, but a long as the parents or the caretaker of the girl is ok with it, it’s fine.

After this incident, I don’t think the girl’s parents are ok with it.

Since the man’s family did not show up at the wedding as agreed, along with the dowry.

The girl’s family went to the police to charge the bridegroom for taking advantage of a minor and for not taking responsibility for the wedding arrangements.

Both families will battle out in court.

What The Author Think

So, whoever said that Thai dowry is a scam, or said a foreign man who pays for a dowry to marry a Thai woman in Thailand, they think that’s a scam.

Well, Thais have to pay too.

It will depend on the situation or family, and sure there are Thai couples that the man did not have to pay the dowry or get it back the next day.

And sure, a dowry can be used to scam foreigners or even other Thais.

But a Thai dowry is not always a scam.


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