Low budget serviced and non serviced apartments in Ubon (Isaan) Thailand

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Apartment #1


Sirinya Residence
5,000 THB per month

- Next to Big C, supermarket, 7-Eleven, McDonald, KFC, nightmarket

- Non-service apartment
- No pillows, blankets, bed sheets
- Expensive for a room this size

Apartment #2


Come Pang Hotel
7,000 THB per month

- Clean, bed looked very comfy
- I very like the balcony
- Include bed sheets, pillows and blankets

- Too far from everything, not a lot of restaurants nearby
- You will need a scooter/car or taxi
- Price was on the higher end for me at 7,000 THB per month, it's fine, it's within my budget but it's so far from everything

Apartment #3

15.24667812010833, 104.83252400896163

Urban Living
3,500 THB per month

- It's cheap, for that price, that's something you would expect

- Low standard of living
- No pillows, blankets, bed sheets
- High cost for electricity at 10 THB per unit
- Far from restaurants
- Get the ground unit
- Overall, the lady (owner) was not too interested because I only plan to stay for 3 months

The area in GREEN area on the map is where you’ll find cheap service and non-service apartments.

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*We do not recommend any of the apartments listed here. All published prices are subject to change without prior notice. Use the information on this page at your own risk.


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