Types of people who should not live in Thailand

If you fit in one or more categories below, you should not go live in Thailand.

You’re more than welcome to go to Thailand for a vacation. But if you fall in any of the category listed, do yourself and everyone a flavor and stay home.

  1. A person that cannot adapt to different cultures.

    People that always want things their own way. For example, you don’t understand why more Thais don’t speak English and you blame it to their education or blame it on other things.

    First off, Thailand is not an English-speaking country. Thailand native language is Thai.

    If you go to Thailand trying to speak English to a Thai person and they don’t understand English – it’s not their fault. Some Thais do speak English just fine, but most do not. You’re the one that need to learn to speak Thai.

    You need to adapt to Thai culture because Thailand is very different from the West in many ways.

  2. Western food.

    Don’t expect western food everywhere. I’m not saying there is zero western food but don’t expect every super market in Thailand will have western produce like cheese, gravy, cereal, bacon, french fries, frozen pizza, milk or potatoes.

  3. It’s hot.

    It’s always summer in Thailand. If you can’t take the heat. Don’t come.

    Sometimes you can see Thais wearing jeans and long sleeve shirt during the afternoon when it’s above 30°C or 80°F, plus humidity. But they can tolerate it because they grew up with that kind of temperature and most Thais don’t want to get tan or get dark skin by the sun and that’s why you might see them in jeans and long sleeves.


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