Why I will never travel to the Philippines again

The Philippines is a beautiful country but as an outsider like myself who is looking for a good time – the Philippines fail in that category. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of foreigners living happily in the Philippines, but I’m not one of them.

Here are my reasons why I would never go back to the Philippines for a vacation

  1. Must pay to fly out internationally – Manila is the only place I had to pay to fly internationally. (about $15 USD or about 500 pesos)
  2. Corruption – sure other places I visited are just as corrupted but this one is very visible. I’ll give one example on #6.
  3. Food – I don’t like the Philippines food. Do they even have a national dish? Maybe that’s why I don’t see too many Philippine restaurants back at home in Canada? Also, there are not many street venders selling food compared to Thailand, then again I would be afraid to eat street food in the Phil.
  4. Hotels/Inn – It was very hard for me to find cheap and affordable hotels with clean rooms.
  5. Poor hygiene – Lots of girls with all sorts of STD, like chlamydia, herpes and syphilis.
  6. My overall experience was horrible – For example, I went to the airport with a Philippine friend and the security guard won’t allow her in because she didn’t bring her id card. The next day when I was leaving the country my friend brought her id card, and the security guard still won’t let her in.. WTF?!Another example, I went to renew my visa and the visa office didn’t have a printer. I had to walk next door and waited in line to print my documents. With the amount of money foreigners are paying for their visas, I would figure they could afford a printer. Where is the money going? Yup, back to my #2.

    I know these examples are not a big deal, but if you live there and encounter all these small situations on a regular basis. It became very annoying for me, enough for me to want to leave and never return.

  7. Poverty – I feel that most of the wealth seems to be going to the government and not the people. Lots of shacks and ghettos are everywhere.
  8. Arm security guards everywhere! – I think all security guards carry a gun. Banks, malls, hotels, they are armed with a pistol and all the way to assault riffles. The security guards in the parking lot even carry a pistol or a shot gun. Some banks have security guards carrying assault riffle like AKA-47 or shot guns. Where I came from the only people that are allowed to carry a gun are police officers. At least I know police officers are trained. However, when I was there I never saw any violence or fear for my safety. I just felt odd and cautious seeing all these armed security guards everywhere.

What do you think? Did you visit the Philippines and had a great experience or a bad experience like myself? Tell us your stories below in the comment section.


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