Solar as an energy source

Solar as an energy source

The sun is 150 million km away from the earth and yet it is still very powerful. If we can capture all the sun’s energy for one day, we would be able to power everything on earth for many years.

Most of energy use and known to man are original from the sun. When you burn wood or burn other fuels, you are actually releasing the stored energy of the sun. The energy from the sun provides energy to all living things in our planet and without the sun there would be no life. The sun provides the energy needed for plants, trees, and indirectly provide all animal energy including us.

To collect the sun’s rays we use solar panels to store the energy and we can convert that energy into electricity.

There are 2 ways solar energy are collect and converted into electricity. One is known as “solar thermal applications”, this is use to heat air or liquid. The other is known as “solar photoelectric” which is more commonly use on solar panels to convert solar energy to electricity.

One major drawback with solar system is the price tag. Solar panels installation could cost anywhere from $10,000-$50,000 dollars on an average home. However, the initial cost of a solar system will be pay back many times over when you receive free energy from the solar energy.


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