Solar energy pros and cons

This is a comprehensive list of solar energy pros and cons. You can see that there are far more pros than cons for using solar energy. The only reason solar power have not yet become a common tools to harness the sun energy is because of the initial cost for setting up solar panels.

Once the cost of fossil increase and the cost for solar panels are lower, then we will see more and more people turn to solar power to produce electricity.

Pros and cons of Solar Energy

Solar Energy Pros

Solar Energy Pros

Solar energy produce by solar panels does not emit any carbon or pollution, smog, acid rain, and it does not contribute to global warming. Solar power is a greener way to help protect the environment. The only pollution solar panels produce is when they are manufacture and the fuel used to transport them.

Solar panels do not make any noise because there are no moving parts and it does not release any gas or smell.

Solar panel can be install in isolated area like the deserts where there are a lot of sunlight. Most often, these isolated areas are not connected to the national grid. For people who live in these isolated areas can take advantage using electricity from solar power.

It is more cost effective to install solar panels in isolated areas than installing high voltage wires to connect with the national grid.

Solar panels can be install in most rooftops and this remove the problem of finding the required space.

Although, solar panel initial cost is very high, however, once solar panels are install they provide free electricity for many years and solar panel will eventually pay for itself many times over.

There are financial incentives available by government. There are government grants for clean renewable energy like solar power. These government grants help reduce the initial cost for installing solar power system.

Using solar panel to produce electricity does not require the burning of fossil fuel, which contribute to global warming. With solar power, the user is less dependent on fossil fuel.

If you use less electricity on your solar power system, you can actually sell and make money by selling your access power back to your utility company.

The solar power system are set up so you can use your solar power when the sun is up and when there is no sun you can switch back to your regular utility or you can use a backup system.

The use of solar panels allows us to reduce the dependence on foreign sources of energy.

Create new jobs and increase the local economies.

Little to no maintenance: Solar power systems are virtually maintenance fee and last for decades.

After the initial installation and upfront cost, there are no recurring payments.

Additional solar panels can be added to an existing solar system at later time.

Solar panels are still very expensive this is because the semi-conducting materials used in building solar panels.

Need the sun to convert the solar cell to electricity. Solar panels cannot work during the night, to solve the problem you may switch back to using your regular utility or have a backup system.

Solar panels take up a lot of space; normally solar panels are place on rooftops or on empty land.

Not all locations are suitable for solar power. Places with little sunlight are not suitable for solar panels.


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