Thailand Travel & Reopening Update: New Restrictions in Bangkok & Other Provinces

On Sunday, June 27, 2021, new restrictions were announced around Bangkok as a surge in new covid-19 cases.

The new measure will last for 30 days from Monday, June 28. This includes baning dine-ins in Bangkok and five other surrounding provinces. Shopping malls and the five provinces will be close by 9 pm as well as parties, celebrations and any gathering with more than 20 people.

Construction sites in these areas will have to be shut down, and the workers’ camp will have to be seal to contain the virus as more clusters have emerged in construction camps in Bangkok.

Since May, there were 37 reported new clusters in the camps in the capital.

Checkpoints will be set up and the five provinces to limit people’s movement.

Bangkok’s new Covid caseload hits all-time high this week

There were 36 more Covid-19 fatalities and 4,662 new cases recorded over the previous 24 hours, announced by the Public Health Ministry on Tuesday, June 29.

Since April 1, this is around the time the third wave started, and there have been over 220,000 Covid patients. 177,638 have recovered.

Ever since this pandemic started early last year, about 250,000 Covid cases, just a little over 200,000 people recovered.

That’s almost 90% of all covid cases in Thailand happened since April, that’s about the last 3 months.

The death toll was at 1,876 in the third wave and 1,970 from the beginning of the pandemic early last year.

Over 95% of all deaths related to covid in Thailand happened last 3 months.


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