Advantage and Disadvantage of Computer

In the past decade, computers have become a household item just like a color TV. More and more people are using their computer to surf the internet, shop online, email, chat, and get information than watching TV.

The question is now what are the disadvantages and advantages of computer? Below is the answer to that question.

Disadvantages and Advantages of Computer

Computer Advantage

Here is a list of the advantages of computers

Computer Disadvantage

Here is a list of the disadvantages of computers

With computer and internet connection, you can have easy access to information.

Computers can be use for multiple purposes, word processing, gaming, movies, internet browsing, programming, reading articles, email, faxing, video chat, online chat and more.

Organize large and store large amount of data and information such as images, sound, videos and other files.

It helps people to communicate with other computer owners, family and friends across the world through the internet. There are free calls from different countries and making the world smaller.

Computers run 24 hours 7 days a week.

Reduce the use of paper.

Computer has more computing and calculating power than human.

Computers are more accurate and consistence. Accountant work has become much easier because of the help of computers.

Enable you to shop online anywhere and purchase items without commuting.

Helps create automatic tasks that human do not want to do.

Less human interactions, computer may ruin your social life if you cannot maintain the balance. People who work from home on their computers are likely to feel cut off from the rest of the world.

Have to constantly keep up to date with new technology and have to spend time to learn different functions in applications.

May caused eyestrains because of the bright screen and radiation. Computer may decrease your physical activities, making someone unhealthy, may caused chronic injury syndrome with pain in the fingers of the hand/radiating pain in the forearm and arm.

Shoulder pain – fibromyalgia in shoulder muscles, elbow pain – tennis elbow, golfers elbow, wrist pain – deQuervains disease, ulnar styloiditis. Finger joint pains – usually linked to tenosynovitis, trigger fingers.

May cause bad posture and skeletal problems.

Children have easy access to pornographic material with internet connection.

Children are also easy target for sexual offenders who pretend to chat and pretend to be their friends.

Email spam, lead to fraud, hacking, stolen identities, and viruses.

People have lost jobs because computers are more efficient than human.

Risk of addiction to online gaming and online gambling.

Computers hold private information that can be stolen and misused.


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  1. NOW, I Would like to express my opinions on the advantage and disadvantage on computers
    the first advantage is that computers help to make easy, all works with professionel manner.
    the first disadvantage is that it causes cancer……..!!!!

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