MBK Shopping Center in Bangkok

Interior of MBK Shopping Center

Ground floor - walking path in MBK

Ground floor

There are lots of outdoor market style stalls where you can bargain down the price, as well as regular shopping mall shops. All inside a comfortable, clean and air conditioned building.

If you’re in a rush you might miss out on some deals, and you might need 2-3 hours looking around and being patient to find the best deals.

Located on the 5th floor is one of my favorite food courts, The Fifth Food Avenue. This food court offers all kind of dishes and drinks. Indian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Hainese, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Western are all here. I would just go to MBK for this food court. The prices are higher than regular Thai food courts. You can expect to pay 200-300 baht per dish, but that’s a reasonable price for tourists.


Shops and services

Floors 1-3: Clothing and shoes, leather goods, cosmetics and hairstyling, toys, gold and jewelry
Floor 4: Electronics, mobile phones, CD and MP3
Floor 5: Fifth Food Avenue (international food hall), restaurants, furniture, photography, and computer
Floor 6: Food court, souvenir shops
Floor 7: Cinema, bowling, karaoke
Floor 8: Cinema, arcade

Women shoes, accessories & clothing

Made in Thailand women shows in MBK

Women high heels made in Thailand

Women handbags in MBK

Women shoes for sale in MBK shopping center

More women shoes for sale - 899 baht per pair

Women shops

Hangbags and women shoes

Random women accessories


Movie theater, bowling, and arcade at on the top floor.

SF Strike Bowl in MBK

Arcade: Hero City in the entertainment area

Random photos

Thai souvenir shops that can fit your suitcase

Thai souvenir shops that can fit your suitcase.

Drawings and painints shop inside MBK shopping center

Chinese home furnitures inside MBK

Chinese home decorations on top level of MBK

Thai desserts for sale on the ground floor of MBK

Thai desserts for sale on the ground floor of MBK

Map & how to get to MBK Shopping Center

Exit National Stadium BTS Station to go MBK

The best way is to use the BTS to avoid the crazy Bangkok city traffic. Get off at National Stadium BTS Station and Exit #4.


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