Apartment rentals in Bangkok, Thailand


RentHub is my favorite website to search for rental apartments in Bangkok. It was the website I used to find my first apartment in Bangkok. I talked about my very first Bangkok apartment in this YouTube video “Cost of Living in Bangkok, Thailand“.

I love RentHub’s homepage, it breaks into three separate categories:

  • BTS/MRT – You can easily search for different apartments that are close to any BTS/MRT stations.
  • Popular Areas – You can search the most popular locations.
  • Province – Search in other provinces around Thailand.


Thaiapartment.com is another good website to search for apartments in Bangkok. You can search apartments near any BTS/MRT stations, Zone and District.


9apartment.com is another general Bangkok apartment website, but doesn’t seem to have as many selections as the above websites.

sublet.com - Apartment rentals in Bangkok

Sublet.com is worth checking out.

Note: We do not recommend sending or wiring any money oversea to book any of the apartments listed on these websites. It’s best to go Thailand in person and check out the apartments before making any transactions.


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