Bangkok Hospital Dental Center

Inside Bangkok Dental Center

Below you can see the photos I have taken of the Bangkok Dental Center. There are two levels, the first level is on the first floor where you first had to go to “Reception and Registration”, remembered to bring along your passport if this is your first time there. They will need to make a copy of your passport and give you a Bangkok Dental Center card. The next time you come to Bangkok Hospital Center you don’t need to bring your passport because you already have your Bangkok Dental Center card.

Once they give you the Bangkok Dental Center card and finish filling up some forms. They will send you to the second level. You will then show the receptionist on the second level your forms and they will ask you to sit and wait till the dentist is ready to call you in.

If you look at my photo below, you will see in the waiting area on the second level that there is a big chart displaying all of the dentists who work at that dental center. There are currently about 70-80 dentists working at the Bangkok Dental Center and I believe it is open on weekends and maybe open 24 hours (not sure).

You can expect every type of dentists, general dentists, dental doctors and dental surgeons from Bangkok Dental Center:

Endodontics (Root Canal), General Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, Maxillofacial, Prosthetics (implants), Operative & Esthetic Dentistry, Oral Medicine, Orthodontics (Braces), Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontology (Gum disease), Prosthodontics (implants), Surgical Orthodontics, TMJ & Orofacial Pain

Once I was at the second level and waited about 15 minutes. A nurse came and took me to one of their room. A few minutes later a dentist came in and I asked her some questions regarding my braces and coming back to Thailand next year to finish all my dental need. The dentist told me I would have to finish my braces with my current dentist back in Canada because I already sign a contract with him and he will be the best person to remove the braces. Then the Thai dentist told me to get some kind of removal container for my teeth after I removed my braces because the container will act as the braces and stop my teeth from moving back to its original position.

After about 20 minutes of asking questions and getting my teeth clean, it was done and it was time for me to leave. I notice that there was a nurse along with the dentist inside with me at all time. The nurse never touch me, she was there only to help the dentist. The dentist was the only person that did all the work and talking. Unlike back in Canada when I only see my dentist for 5 minutes (probably less) and he would tell his nurse what he wanted to do on my braces and then he would leave. I hardly had any time to ask him any questions; he’s always seemed to be rushing, but not here in Thailand.

Cost for dental cleaning at Bangkok Dental Center

The cost of my cleaning is about $1200 Thai baht. Which is about $35 CAD, compare that to $150 CAD for a cleaning back in Canada and that work was done by a nurse and not a dentist.

Overall, I’ll definitely come back to Bangkok Dental Center next year when I have my braces remove and complete the rest of my dental need in Thailand. The staff is very professional and the service is as good if not better as any place I have visited in Canada. Why spend $20 000 CAD when I can spend $3000 – $5000 CAD for the same thing and maybe even better service? I’m looking forward to go back there and finish all of my dental need. (well, ok I’m not looking forward to have a drill in my mouth, but I look forward to save a lot of money and getting the same sort of quality services…)

I will update on my second visit to Bangkok Dental Center next year and post some more pictures of the final result.


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