Best Currency Exchange in Bangkok Airport

Get the best currency exchange in Bangkok Airport - SuperRich booth inside Bkk Airport next to the Airport Rail Link

I’m going to show you the place that I think has the best currency exchange rate in Bangkok airport without taking a taxi and without having to go outside the airport.

You will need to head down to the lowest level of the airport to the Airport Rail Link where you can find two exchange rate companies call SuperRich and Value Plus.

Airport Rial Link Sign in the

It’s about 5-15 minutes’ walk after you pick up your luggage and exit the gate.

If you’re new to Thailand, SuperRich is known to have some of the best rates in Thailand (at least I think better than the banks). There are only a handful of them scattered throughout Thailand.

Real exchange rate vs Banks vs SuperRich & Value Plus

If you’re only planning to exchange a small sum of money. Let’s say under $200 USD, then it’s not going to make a huge difference. You can just exchange that anywhere in the airport.

However, if you’re planning to exchange your money for more than $200 USD or over $1,000 USD. At that point, you will see a big difference and get a better deal.

Below is the chart comparing the different currency exchange rates from different countries and comparing the real exchange vs banks vs SuperRich/Value Plus.

Best Thai Baht exchange

The exchange rate was recorded on August 28, 2016 at 7pm local time.

Conclusion: Who is the best currency exchange in Bangkok Airport?

You can see SuperRich and Value Plus have the best rates. For example, if you were to exchange $1,000 USD at that time with SuperRich or Value Plus. You would receive 1,930 baht more with SuperRich or Value Plus vs the banks.

Save money exchange to Thai Baht

Make sure to check them out at the lowest level inside the airport and save some money.

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