Couple sentenced to death in Thailand

Luke Cook and Thai Wife Sentenced to Death in Thailand

It been reported that an Assuie man and his Thai wife have been sentenced to death in Thailand on drug smuggling charges.

The father of two, 34 year old, Luke Joshua Cook and his wife 40 year old, Kanyarat Wechapitak. Both were arrested at Suvarnabhumi Bangkok in December 2017. Following a tip-off from local police, according to Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph.

After meeting his future wife online, Cook moved to Thailand where he bought a bar in Pattaya. Set up a business importing boats and marine parts then allegedly joined the Pattaya branch of the Hells Angels.

The pair were sentenced to death by Thai court for an alleged attempt to smuggle half a ton of crystal methamphetamine (ice), also known in Thailand as yea bah. Valued at $300 million USD (6.9 billion baht), into Thailand.

The media reported their sentences are expected to be commuted to life.

Assets linked to the pair worth $800,000 USD (about 18.4 million baht) will be forfeited, including cars, cash and property.

Thai police said in 2015, Cook took a yacht into international waters off the Thai coast. Cook was allegedly brought 500 kilograms of crystal meth from a Chinese smuggler.


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