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Momentis Energy/Momentis by Just Energy is the marketing arm for Just Energy, a publicly traded company located in Ontario Canada. In the old days energy resellers would utilize door to door sales agents as their customer acquisition driving force. This approach has grown unpopular as consumer complaints grew to astounding levels. Concerns continue to grow as deceptive sales tactics falsely promised significant consumer savings which is in violation of all Energy board business practices. This is not only a Just Energy issue; in fact North America wide Energy resellers are all faced with the same challenge. As a consumer you must understand that Just Energy is not in business to acquire unhappy customers. These poor business practices are usually the cause of untrained, unethical sales representatives, whose eager for a sale often gets in the way of professional ethics.

The launch of Momentis by Just Energy/ Momentis Energy has catapulted a new promise to renew hope of better business practices in deregulated markets. Momentis Energy leverages the power of relationship marketing to acquire its customers in deregulated markets. This new approach has created a winning opportunity for Entrepreneurs to finally capitalize on both Gas and Electricity throughout North America. As well as “Green Energy”, another highly profitable opportunity for its representative. Momentis also launched its Guaranteed saving programs in Illinois and soon to be New York, Ontario and all other markets to follow.

Momentis by Just Energy understood consumer growing concerns and decided to go against the grain. The company has brought a new light to Energy reselling and the home base industry to create a win win situation for Consumers and Entrepreneurs. Representative like Sayyid Campbell of Alberta Canada is now earning big monthly and weekly checks with Momentis.

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  1. Thanks Paola for a nice clarification on Momentis.I just researched them here in Dallas-Ft.Worth Texas and found there pricing LOWER than the current six month electric contract I am in.I shop my electric rate every six-months to a year, depends on rate/time of year, and Momentis is extremely competitive here in Texas.

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