Need to know if Just Energy is legal in Ontario

I need to know if Just Energy is legal in Ontario. They are on my gas bill which is Union Gas. Can you please help me with this question?


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One thought on “Need to know if Just Energy is legal in Ontario

  1. Yes, Just Energy is legal to operate in Ontario. The Ontario Energy Board (part of the Ontario Government which regulate the energy sector) license Just Energy, as well as other gas and electricity providers.

    See full list of license alternative gas and electricity suppliers in Ontario here:

    Just Energy was formerly known as Ontario Energy Savings Corp. and Universal Energy. As of 2009, it is now known as Just Energy Ontario and if you switched to Just Energy before 2009, it would had say "Ontario Energy Savings" on your bills.

    If you did not recall or sign anything to switch, I suggest you call the company and request a copy of your original contract and the reaffirmation call after 10 days you sign their contract.

    Here are some more information about how to cancel.

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