Is Retiring In Thailand Still Desirable By Expats? (Survey)

There was a survey done on a popular expat forum, and there are some excellent comments I would like to share about living and retiring in Thailand.

If you are on your way to retirement and currently undecided if Thailand is suitable for you. You want to get a better understanding from others who already retired in the country.

I think the info in this video will give you some fantastic insight into what to expect. Expats with years of experience, some over a decade or more retired in the country, giving their opinion on their current state of retirement living in the country. Was their retirement plan in the country a big mistake or a dream come true, or a little bit of both? What are some of the most challenging things they face?

The first half of this video will mainly focus on the good aspects of retiring in Thailand. In the second half, we will include some of the downfalls you might face and how to overcome them.

I’ll let you know when the second part start.

But all and all, if you have money. All the downfalls can be solved with money.

Keep in mind this survey was done during the pandemic. There are many more restrictions and requirements during this period.

Will Thailand continues to be a favorable destination for retirees

Let’s start with the good, and these are real comments by real people.

We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information in this video and neither adopt nor endorses nor is responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice or statement made.


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One thought on “Is Retiring In Thailand Still Desirable By Expats? (Survey)

  1. good day
    I had 2 shocks during the pandemic
    I was caught outside the country by airport closures
    My OA retirement visa expired,,, no help from the government on this
    I must start the application again from step 1
    I kept several million baht in bank accounts to self insure my medical expenses
    And paid most from my pocket
    Apparently this is no longer an option
    I am now 73 years old and have diabetes So my shelf life here has expired
    I applied for health care insurance ,,, 3 pages of blood tests, ekg lung xray, stool sample etc and my tests all came back with very good results so the insurance company had no way to deny me,,, so they offered me a policy
    With pre existing conditions that disqualified almost everything
    My friend laughed and told me that I was at least insured for a hang nail
    So obviously no insurance for me here and as self insure is now not recognized
    I can not get my OA visa back
    Looks l am now forced to have to sell my condo etc and move
    When retirees figure out that someone in the government seems to be using this insurance to drive us out selling is going to be a long process,,, either way I am facing a financial bath
    I am now returnING to close my bank accounts and put the condo up for sale
    Am I bitter,,, damn right I am
    I am filing grievances with my home government on why we allow Thai citizens to work Buy land and after 6 months get free Healthcare for life
    When the Thai government treats our citizens like sh*t
    After all my asset there zre gone I will take my story to social media in my country
    And recommend my fellow citizens vacation elsewhere

    Worst thing is I loved living in Thailand and was very happy with most things
    And never had a problem with my local immigration office as they got to know me
    I have good Thai friends who always looked out for me and helped me with anything I needed
    I am going to miss this but will find it again in my new retirement country
    When I pick one
    It seems that most countries in SE Asia want retirees to come and input their pension funds into their economy
    Also I like your Utube articles a lot,,, they are honest objective and On point
    Much better than a lot of the other drivel
    Thanks for listening ,, I feel better now

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