Thailand News: All Foreigners To Get Vaccination

Covid-19 Vaccinations For Foreigners Residing in Thailand.

What about foreigners or expats residing in the country? How many are vaccinated, and where can they get their shots?

Only July 21st, The Ministry of Public Health has urgently ordered all provinces to accelerate vaccination for the elderly who are 60 years old or older, people in high-risk groups with 7 underlying health conditions, pregnant people, and foreigners over 60.

Foreigners residing in Thailand and haven’t received your vaccine. Register here to get your jabs.

Covid-19 Vaccinations For Foreigners Residing in Thailand

Here’s a graph of how many foreigners residing in Thailand got their vaccination from March 12 to July 19th.

Myanmar is first with over 72,000 people than Chinese with 32,500.

British with almost 4,000 people and Americans with about 2,500 people.

Overall, 170,000 foreigners residing in Thailand have received the covid 19 vaccines. That’s 3.47% of all foreigners.

What’s more interesting here, if you look at the bottom right corner. It tells the facilities that provide the jabs to more than 5000 foreigners.

If you live near these hospitals or health centers and you want your jabs. It’s probably your best bet to get them in one of these facilities.

  • Thaland Hosptal – Puhket
  • Phathai 2 hospital – Bangkok
  • Patong hospital – Phuket
  • Chalong Hospital – Phuket
  • Vimut hospital – Phuket
  • medpark hospital – Bangkok
  • Bangkok Pattaya Hospital – Pattaya
  • chularat 3 hospital – Bangkok

Thai Government Acknowledged The Low Vaccine Supply

The Director of Thailand’s National Vaccine Institute they are in charge of the country’s vaccine distribution. They issued an apology to the public for the slow and insufficient rollout of the vaccine. Stating the mutation of the virus was unexpected, and promise the country to join the COVAX program.

The Thai government acknowledged the low vaccine supply as the country is battling a new surge pushing new cases and deaths to record highs nearly every day. There is fear that the numbers will worsen because the government failed to secure enough vaccine supplies in advance.

The Prime Minister seeks to buy vaccines to increase the modest amounts it has on hand of Sinovac and Sinopharm from China and locally produced AstraZeneca from the UK.

In addition to failing to buy enough vaccines, Prayuth’s government has come under severe criticism because some studies show the Chinese vaccines are less effective against the delta variant than those produced by Pfizer and Moderna.

The COVAX program that Thailand is joining is a program that will help Thailand get donated vaccines starting next year.

92 low-to-medium-income countries have joined the COVAX program, under which they receive donated WHO-approved vaccines from wealthier countries, like the US, the UK, the EU, China and Japan.

Thailand has not yet in the program, but about 1.5 million doses of Pfizer vaccines will be donated from the US government. Also, the donated US vaccine doesn’t state that it will go to the US citizens living in Thailand. It’s pretty much up to the Thais to give the donated US vaccines, and I think they will provide them to the Thais first.

Thailand also received 14.5 million doses of China vaccines, three million doses of Sinopharm, also from China, and about 9 million doses of the UK, which is Oxford-AstraZeneca, mainly produced locally by Siam Bioscience, as of July 16th.


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