Time Of Use for cheapest hydro rates after May 1, 2011 (Ontario)

Has the Time Of Use for cheapest hydro rates after May 1,2011 changed from 9:00 pm to 7:00pm in the household?


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3 thoughts on “Time Of Use for cheapest hydro rates after May 1, 2011 (Ontario)

  1. Starting May 1, 2011 all time-of-use (hydro) electricity prices for Ontario residents will increase by $0.08, also starting May 1, time-of-use (TOU) off-peak hours on weekday evenings will begin two hours earlier at 7 p.m. (from 9 p.m.), enabling consumers to take advantage of lower cost electricity earlier.

    Time-of-use prices are changing as follows:

    On-peak = 10.7 cents/kWh (up 0.8 cents)
    Mid-peak = 8.9 cents/kWh (up 0.8 cents)
    Off-peak = 5.9 cents/kWh (up 0.8 cents)

    Tiered prices are changing as follows:

    Price for consumption up to 600 kWh/month = 6.8 cents/kWh (up 0.4 cents)
    Price for consumption above 600 kWh/month = 7.9 cents/kWh (up 0.5 cents)

    Also effective May 1 for residential consumers, the seasonal threshold below which the lower tiered price applies will change from 1,000 kWh to 600 kWh per month. The threshold for non-residential RPP consumers stays at 750 kWh throughout the year.

  2. Boycott these morons. Solar panels are down to a buck a watt. Think I'm crazy? Wait til you get your next bill. Wait til next year when prices have doubled yet again from all the Mc Loser taxes being added on. Tax upon tax upon tax. They even tax the debt retirement charge!!! Lol. No taxes on sunshine. Join the boycott Ontario hydro movement. Start putting up panels and go off grid. Step by step. Everytime they raise rates more panels go up. http://www.flickoff.org – great website!! Tax dollars hard at work at the enron Corp of Ontario eh?

  3. TOU didn't work for me. I deferred 80% of my usage to off peak and compared my bills: ZERO SAVINGS.

    The cost per kwh average remained the same no matter how much I used or when I used it. Another billion down the toilet eh? Good job guys.

    The bills tripled so I installed my own solar panels. Net usage down from 800kwh a month to 100kwh. Next stop: off grid.

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