30,000 People Went to Hospitals This Year with Health Conditions Related to Air Pollution in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Polluted Air

A few weeks back, Chiang Mai was the winner for the world’s most polluted air from Air Visual.

PM2.5 in Chiang Mai rose above 200 µg/m3 on March 2021.

Good air quality you should be breathing is below 50 µg/m3, for me under 30 µg/m3.

The authorities revealed that about 30,000 people went to the hospital so far this year with respiratory issues.

That’s 30,000 people in the past 3 months.

I love Chiang Mai, but this is why I can’t live there year over year.

If it weren’t for the burning season, I would be living in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai right now.

Not just Chiang Mai has bad air during this time, Isaan too, Bangkok, even Hau Hin and Pattaya but since these places are near the sea. They are not as polluted as the North.

Phuket still has a little bit but for the most part its good air all year

So if you want to live in Thailand, you should buy yourself an air purifier for the burning season.

But after April, everything is good, and the air is clean.

Source: Bangkokpost


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