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So a gentleman from a company by the name of Frontier Utilities came by our front door 13 months ago offering us a cheaper deal on our electricity and gas, and 5% back on our total electricity and gas usage.
We just received our 5% check in the mail, and our rates haven’t changed much. We paid less money every month last year except for in September when it was really hot, and we paid slightly more because we ran the air conditioner all month.
We just enrolled in Con Edison’s level billing, and we still have Frontier Utilities as an ESCO…seems too good to be true, but I suppose if I notice our bill going up, we can always pick another company.

After hearing all of the nightmare stories about ESCOs and Just Energy, it’s kind of nice to finally having something work out. And the check was kind of a nice bonus as well.

I actually got on this site to find a more competitive rate, but it seems like we are getting a great deal and I can’t wait to see our check at the end of this year as well.


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3 thoughts on “Frontier Utilities

  1. Don't know if you're part of their immature company or not, but I was scammed into enrolling on the phone, checked their website and it was void of any real information. Gave them a call back and each time I was hung up on by the customer service, at one point one of the reps even laughed while picking up the phone, hanging up as soon as they heard my voice.

    Don't fall for them, the 5 percent rebate may sound tempting but from the attitude of the customer service I received, they are suspicious.

    I currently called Con Edison and requested a switch block from them, sounds like another Just Energy.

    1. They call my house everyday, even after requesting them to stop calling, they are not legit, even if Con Edison has them posted as a listed ESCO, their methods aren't of a well-respected company.

      Hang up on them or report them, go to hell Frontier Utilities.

  2. I find it odd that both of the posts in response to my comment came from the same IP address in Brooklyn…is Frontier Utilities even IN Brooklyn? I didn't think Brooklyn had Con Edison.

    Anyhow…hope you feel better.

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